7 January, 2022

Poitier: How Negroes Became Sirs

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The Black actor Sidney Poitier, who starred in three, yes, three race-baiting movies in 1967, has died at age 94 [1]. He was the first Black Hollywood star — unless you count Al Jolson! (*rimshot* heh-heh).

How did negroes become “sirs”? Simple. When Jewish Hollywood and the Jewish publishing industry started calling them “sirs.” Bottom line: calling a negro “sir” doesn’t make him a “sir” any more than calling a dog a “cat” makes him a feline. To be called “sir” you must be worthy of that title. (Come to think of it, singer Elton John is now called “Sir Elton John”; that doesn’t work for me, but that’s just me…).


[1] the three 1967 movies were: “To Sir, With Love”; the inter-racial “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”; and “In the Heat of the Night.” Poitier also starred in “Paris Blues” (1961), another race-baiting movie. In fact, he even reprised his role in “To Sir, With Love” with a sequel to it in 1996! Yes, it seems that Poitier was the “go-to negro” for race-baiting-movie roles. I wonder if St. Peter or God will call Poitier “sir” when he arrives in Heaven? (if he does).

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