31 January, 2022

Why They Hate and Fear Us

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The American population is about 8% hard-core leftist, give or take. And about 3% Jewish. That’s 11% give or take.

Contrast that to about 43% of the population being White and half-way sensible/half-way conservative. That number may be even higher. It’s hard to tell since the “official” population make-up may be wrong or deliberately skewed.

They are hopelessly outnumbered by normal White people and they know it. This explains the Covid-19 tyranny and many other things going on right now. Trump’s numbers (of supporters) really scared Hymie. Trump got 100 million supporters, maybe more. Hymie was not expecting anywhere near that. Hymie was expecting half that. Hymie has been in a cold sweat ever since [1]. Oy veh! Is this Hymie’s “final big push” against White people? If it is, he won’t win because he doesn’t have the numbers on his side [2].


[1] Jews led the impeach-Trump movement from Day 1. In fact, Jewish congressman Brad Sherman filed the first, ridiculous impeachment article in Congress against Trump in mid-July 2017. And Jewish congressman Jamie Raskin wanted to create a special panel in the House of Representatives to examine whether Trump was mentally fit to be president.

[2] Jews will, of course, direct and produce the “final big push” against White people, just like they did in Germany circa 1920. Germany came very close to being “bagged” and so did Spain circa 1936; in both countries, the “baggers” were, almost to a man, Jews, e.g., in Germany it was Karl Radek, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht; in Spain, see below. See also the book “Communism in Germany: The Truth about the Communist Conspiracy on the Eve of the National Revolution” (1933) by Adolf Ehrt. Another version is Here. (Jewish “baggers” in Spain: Soviet General Grigori Stern, a.k.a. Grigorjewitch (the chief military adviser), General Yakov Smushkevich, General Emilio Kleber (real name Manfred Stern), and Colonel Selig Joffe. Another Jewish general, Waclaw Komar, was a Polish volunteer. Leiba Lazarevich Feldbin (aka Aleksandr Orlov) headed Stalin’s secret police in Spain and oversaw the liquidation of Catholic priests and peasants. Other top Jews in Spain included Soviet ambassador Marcel Rosenberg, economic adviser Arthur Stashevsky, and Mikhail Koltsov, Soviet press representative).

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