1 February, 2022

A Whole Different Covid Narrative

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This video narrative is like a Hollywood movie script. Really. If this is true, all bets are off. I don’t know if it is true, but it has a certain “ring of truth” to it. But maybe you don’t agree. Time will tell.

They are saying: Covid-19 was not from a “lab accident” in China. It came from bats, and the plan was to later re-introduce it back into wild bats after being genetically modified by humans into a combination, hybrid “human/bat” virus. It would then be given back to wild bats via in (among other ways) a spray mist inside caves. They even give the names of the scientists allegedly involved. But wait: “bats” are apparently a euphemism for “humans” since, as you can imagine, if they used the word “humans” in the texts of these reports (which date from as far back as 2016) there would be massive outcry and rightly so.

And also, Covid-19 is not very transmissible between humans? If so, there never was a pandemic in the true sense of that word.

And, Covid is a man-made bioweapon that can’t be fought with a vaccine? Then why are we taking the vaccines?

If this information is true, then all bets are off. Congressional hearings must begin ASAP. Like, tomorrow.

[Video, 1 hour].

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