22 February, 2022

An Essay About Populism

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by Murray N. Rothbard. (This essay is very useful, but understand that there is one critical thing missing from it: the mention of ethnic Jews as key, central players in everything rotten in America. Why is that part missing? Because Rothbard was a Jew. Indeed, Libertarianism is a Jewish movement).

“This two-pronged strategy is (a) to build up a cadre of our own libertarians, minimal-government opinion-moulders, based on correct ideas; and (b) to tap the masses directly, to short-circuit the dominant media and intellectual elites, to rouse the masses of people against the elites that are looting them, and confusing them, and oppressing them, both socially and economically.” (Note “b” above: this is why the Jews and leftists hated Trump: he communicated with the people directly via Twitter until he was permanently banned from it in January 2021 [Trump had 88 million followers!]. Ditto the still-free internet: the Jews and leftists fear free speech like a vampire fears the cross).


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