12 February, 2022

An Even Bigger Picture

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Yesterday, I painted a picture for you about why Covid-19 happened. (Titled “Why Covid Happened” Feb. 11).

Today, I’m going to enlarge that picture.

Look at this amazing email, concerning the attempts to de-certify the stolen 2020 election. This email is from Arizona, but it could be from nearly any state in America:

“The bad news? The Decertify resolution is hitting resistance in the House:

Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers (R) criticized state Rep. Mark Finchem’s (R) legislation to decertify the 2020 general election results in three counties on Monday, highlighting a split among the chamber’s Republicans.”

As you can see, some Republicans don’t want to de-certify the stolen election — which was stolen from Republicans! Crazy, right? Insane, right?

It’s not crazy if you grasp what’s really going on.

The elites don’t want Trump, or people like him, to be president. More pointedly, they don’t want Trumpism (right-wing populism) in America at all. Populism can be summed up as: “fighting for the little guy and against the corrupt elites.” Populism can be either right-wing or left-wing, or a mixture of both, e.g. Father Charles Coughlin (who became so popular that the U.S. government “had to” cancel Coughlin’s radio show and his newspaper. Coughlin was “way too popular” to be allowed to continue. You could say that Coughlin “went beyond Left and Right into uncharted territory”).

Why don’t various Republicans want Trumpism/right-wing populism? Because the elites (the billionaires and globalists) have told them, “we don’t want that in America. We want ‘traditional Republicans’ and ‘traditional Democrats.'” In other words, they want George Bush Sr. conservatism and Clinton/Obama liberalism. “Business as usual” in other words: corrupt, white-collar elites in Congress and in the White House.

(I actually don’t think the elites were worried about Trump until “that dark day” (June 16, 2015) when Trump called illegal aliens “criminals” and “rapists” on live TV [1]. No other president had done that before! OMG! New York Jews pooped themselves when he said that! After that, the elites took their gloves off and from then on, the message was “stop Trump at any cost!” But even that didn’t work! Trump still won the election! [Despite him being an “Israel-firster” or maybe even because of that, who knows?]).

Right-wing populism is blue-collar, honest, decent, logical, America-first, anti-immigration, and “screw endless foreign aid.” Think John Wayne, apple pie, Iowa, and so on and so forth. The elites don’t want that, because they can’t control that. That “type of person” is hard to corrupt-and-control. It’s hard to corrupt-and-control honest, decent, logical people. It’s hard to create a Mexico/Canada/USA “North American union” (and that will happen) when populists are in power. It’s hard to wage endless wars when populists are in power (to Trump’s credit, he didn’t wage a war for Israel as some people had feared). It’s tough to create “global man” when populists are in power. Huey Long was assassinated because he was a populist, not a war-monger globalist. The elites wanted Roosevelt in the White House. They wanted war with Germany. Long would have beaten Roosevelt in the next election. The elites couldn’t have that.

The elites will stop at nothing in order to “go back to 1990” (politically speaking). But they don’t realize that they can’t go back, because now, we’ve all seen Trumpism/right-wing populism in action and we know it works great. (Trump had the best economy in 50 years! Even Ronald Reagan couldn’t do that, although Reagan did do a good job, economically-speaking; but make no mistake: Reagan was an elite “conservative” who legalized 3 million illegal Mexicans in 1986; he wasn’t a populist). The elites don’t understand that once the “little people” taste right-wing populism, they can’t un-taste it. They like it and they want more of it. It’s logical. It makes sense. It’s honest. It works well. Period. Conservatism doesn’t make sense most of the time, since it’s not “conserving” anything important (like race!). What did Reagan “conserve”? Yes, he did play a role in the collapse of the Soviet Union but it would have collapsed anyway even without Reagan.

The elite Jews have very sensitive “antennae” about certain things (race, immigration) and Reagan didn’t set their antennae a-twitching, but Trump and his 100 million followers did. If the Jews aren’t happy, then nobody’s happy!


[1] On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced to the world that he was running for president of the United States. He strongly criticized illegal aliens from Mexico, saying that they bring crime to America (which they do: if you sneak into America illegally, you’re a criminal by default. Illegal Mexicans also engage in identity theft in order to get fake documents, so they can remain in the U.S.). He also called some illegal Mexicans “rapists” (which some, no doubt, are). The media, of course, was shocked and angry at Trump’s comments.

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