3 February, 2022

And, There It Is, Part 2

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A great article. It explains a lot. (Why did Trump pick so many losers? It seems like everyone surrounding Trump was a dud. I have heard that Trump “wasn’t supposed to become president” — i.e., his 2016 win was an “accident” that the elites didn’t expect and couldn’t tolerate):

“(Vice President Mike) Pence is a creature of the GOP donors, not an America First patriot. That much is obvious now. Pence was added to the Trump ticket to restrain Trump’s populism — and that’s what he tried to do for four years. When pro-Trump aides were sidelined in the Trump White House, I heard the same thing from all of them: they were told to sit down and shut up and, if they were quiet, they might get to work for Pence and Haley in 2024.”

Nobody in DC wants populism. It’s too honest, too decent, too logical, too blue-collar. The elites want “traditional Left” and “traditional Right” candidates who will obey orders.


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