8 February, 2022

California: Clown World is Here

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Guess what? When you are “nice” to bums, that attracts more bums. Pretty soon, there are bums everywhere: on the sidewalk, in doorways, on your lawn. But then, California liberals aren’t known for their common sense. Trivia: in the good old days (when men were men and women were sex objects), there were vagrancy laws. You could be arrested for sleeping on the sidewalk. Today, nobody is ever arrested for sleeping on the sidewalk, or even pooping on the sidewalk. Clown world.

City official: “Here, we’ve got a mentally-ill bum — er, I mean, homeless man — with scabies, fleas, TB, hepatitis, and a long criminal record. Plus, he smells. Any takers? Anybody?? What??? Nobody wants to give this wonderful man a room??? Ohh, the bigotry! Ohh, the humanity!”

Citizen: “Why don’t you give him a room at your house?”

City official: “Well, uhhhh…well….I would, but I don’t have any spare rooms…”

News quote: “As the Bay Area continues to struggle under the weight of its homelessness crisis, officials and nonprofits are asking local residents to do more than hand out meals or donate spare change. They’re asking them to open up their homes.”


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