3 February, 2022

Canada: and, There It Is!

Posted by Socrates in blackmail by Jews, Isntreal, Israel, Israel - the facts, Jeffrey Epstein and Israel, War On Normal, War On White Males, War On White People at 3:46 pm | Permanent Link

You recall the Jew, Jeffrey Epstein? Well, his “game” (which lasted for years) was to entrap powerful men and blackmail them. Senators, Congressmen, etc. He would secretly film them in compromising positions with 13-year-old girls (or worse, boys) and then blackmail them on Israel’s behalf. In other words, “you better cooperate with Israel, or else!”

The “War On White People” (which I just mentioned today) is being helped greatly by the fact that powerful world leaders are being blackmailed into doing things that they don’t want to do, e.g., keeping the horrible Covid-19 mandates going. (This is why morality is important: if you’re honest and straight, nobody can blackmail you).

[Forum thread] and [Video].

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