15 February, 2022

Hollywood and Pedophilia: the Connection

Posted by Socrates in Hollywood, Hollywood and pedophilia, Jewed entertainment, pedophilia at 4:10 pm | Permanent Link

Jewish Hollywood and kiddie-diddling are linked together like peanut butter and jelly. Like pancakes and maple syrup. Like negroes and fried chicken. If you’re a child actor, your chances of being sexually molested by a Hollywood insider are 80%.

Bottom line: Hollywood is full of Jewish (and a few non-Jewish) child-molesters and has been for decades. The entertainment industry seems to attract strange, abnormal people. (Sexual abuse “stunts” children. They will never be normal after the abuse. They are ruined forever and will spiral downward into drug use, alcoholism, suicide, etc.).

[Video; 1 hour, 30 minutes].

More [Here].

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