7 February, 2022

Interesting Quote from Health Care Corporation, re: Covid

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Actual quotes from a health care corporation flyer, re: Covid-19. Mind you, this was before “Covid vaccine mania” took hold in the Western world:

“Coronavirus Patient Guide” flyer, May 22, 2020


“Most people who get sick from the coronavirus will have symptoms that go away on their own.”
(“Information cited from CDC’s Covid-19 website May 2020”).

So, if “most people” who get Covid don’t need special drugs or treatment to recover, why do the “authorities” now want to vaccinate every human in the West?? Hmmmm??

This tells me that Covid-19 was a 2-part thing: first there was Covid, but the Covid vaccine totally changed the game. It went from “semi-logical” to “insane” real quick. It actually sounds like Covid was planned but the vaccine roll-out was “shoot from the hip” cowboy stuff. But maybe I’m wrong…

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