14 February, 2022

Jan. 6: Once Again, It Was, and Is, About Trump

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Now you know why honest men are still in jail over the so-called “Jan. 6 insurrection” — more than one year later! They’re rotting in jail on bullshit charges; some of those charges are misdemeanor charges.

It’s all about demonizing Donald Trump/his followers and preventing him from running for president in 2024. Consider: you think Trump was popular before? Just wait until 2024. You ain’t seen “popular” yet. After the Big Biden Nightmare, Trump will be more popular than pizza, ice cream, chocolate, tacos, and sex combined. Man, that’s scary-popular. “Oy vehh! The next Hitler! We must flee to Jerusalem, Moishe! We must flee! He will rally the Whites, Moishe! They love him. He will be filling stadiums with anti-Semites, Moishe!”

The (((elites))) know that it’s “do it now” time. In other words, they must stop populism now. They cannot allow Trumpism to spread like a prairie fire. If it does spread, the elites are doomed, because there are too many populist White people for them to be able to control (there are about 100 million of them, maybe more). The elites can’t “allow” right-wing, anti-government, anti-globalist populism to take root. They need open borders and endless foreign wars. They need “transgender” propaganda and a crappy economy so that White people must borrow money and work 3 jobs. They must wreck White America, and soon. Trump could prevent that.

Trump “killed” traditional, wimpy, Bush-style conservatism, and the elites know that in order for it to be brought back to life, Trumpism must be wiped out for good. Hence the hysterical mania over Trump. (I knew there was something very unusual going on in America when a well-known Jew said in 2019 that the Republican Party must be “burned down” in order to stop Trump’s popularity [1]. That’s a big clue about how Trump is seen by Jews and leftists. They fear him and his 100 million followers. The difference between Trump and other politicians is this: the people liked Ronald Reagan. But the people love Trump. Recall them chanting at one Trump rally, “we love you!” See the difference? The Jews do! The Jews see it clearly and they have nightmares about it. But how ironic that Trump is the best friend Israel ever had! And Trump’s son-in-law is a Jew and his daughter converted! But still they don’t trust Trump. He could have a photo of Hitler in his wallet! Oy, vehh!

Also, how ironic that the 14th Amendment was not even ratified properly. That’s a cold, hard fact. It wasn’t ratified correctly during the crazy days of Reconstruction.

“This January 6 investigation is determined to declare that this was a “violent insurrection” as now Mitch McConnell is doing to prevent Trump from running in 2024.”



[1] the full quote: “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them because if there are survivors, if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.” (Do what? Vote for Trump, presumably) — Jewish columnist Jennifer Rubin, on the TV show “AM Joy,” August 25, 2019.

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