28 February, 2022

No Regime Change for Russia Now

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“The bitter truth is that Washington’s foreign policy establishment never actually considered Zelensky – or his predecessor Poroshenko – to be allies or partners of the United States. Overflowing with a toxic mix of ignorance, arrogance, and extreme cynicism, Washington’s elites have always viewed Ukraine as a tool to “regime-change” a Russia that, after its post-Yeltsin recovery, would no longer take its direction from them.”


“Most Americans will not have heard – and those who have likely do not care – that twice (TWICE) when the Ukrainian people elected a president who was in favor of maintaining good relations with its Russian neighbor, the US intervened and overthrew the government.”

(According to America, Russia “must” be transformed into an “America in the East” since Putin won’t play ball with the New World Order game plan of feminism, multiculturalism, faggotry and over-the-top Zionism. Guess there won’t be any Black trannies with purple hair wandering around Moscow now…).


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