11 February, 2022

Our Horrible Money System: Why Do We Tolerate It?

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America’s money system sucks. It was created by Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg in 1913. Why do we still have it? Why is our money handled twice? Why does the U.S. Treasury Department print the money, but then give it to a private banking cartel full of Jews to distribute (i.e., the Federal Reserve Bank)? Why doesn’t the U.S. Treasury handle both printing and distribution? Usually, a “treasurer” is “a person appointed to look after the funds of a society, company, city, or other governing body” [1].

Having more physical dollars in circulation means more inflation. Having less dollars in circulation means less inflation. If you have 20 billion dollars in circulation, there will be more inflation than if you had 5 billion dollars in circulation. It’s a simple concept. So easy that a child could grasp it.

Worse, America’s money system (the Federal Reserve Bank) is inflationary all by itself, because its “fractional-reserve banking” is inflationary [2]. So we have two sources of inflation in our system: 1) the constant ordering and printing of more money; 2) the money system itself.

Inflation is actually theft. If your money is worth less and less as time goes on, it’s as if someone is taking money out of your bank account without you knowing it. Today, America’s dollar is worth 3 cents (in 1913 dollars). In other words, the U.S. dollar has lost most of its value.

Inflation is “a jewish crime against goymanity” — Alex.

What if White people controlled America’s money system instead of Jews?



[1] the Federal Reserve is not “federal” per se. It’s not part of the U.S. government. It’s a private bank (12 banks, actually) with shareholders. So why does the Federal Reserve’s URL address read “.gov”? Good question! Why? When you find out, let me know.

[2] “fractional-reserve banking” is inflationary because it causes more money to be available, in our society, than otherwise would be available. In other words, instead of $100 billion dollars being available, $1 trillion is available. “More money” means it’s worth less. That is true of money, or pencils, or guns, or butter, or anything. More of “X” means “X” is worth less, and vice-versa

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