17 February, 2022

The Great Reset, a Document

Posted by Socrates in global citizenship/world citizenship, global government, Global Man, globalization, Great Reset, New World Order, NWO, One World, One People and Free Tacos for Everybody!, The Great Replacement (TGR), The Great Reset at 2:38 pm | Permanent Link

A very complex document. Talks about Covid-19, the Great Reset, etc. Names names. Have not yet read it. This is Marxism-with-a-briefcase. Suit-and-tie communism. Bolsheviks in private jets, eating caviar. Same totalitarianism as in 1917, but in a different bottle. Think “Trotsky with a computer and a cell phone.” Neo-Leninism. Got it now, newbies?

[a .PDF file, 169 pages].

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