11 February, 2022

Why Covid Happened

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We on the political right-wing have known for some time that “Covid-19” and Donald Trump were connected. We just couldn’t prove it. It’s like when your wife is having an affair with the pool boy: you somehow know it but you’ve never caught them being naughty.

We somehow knew (based on the behavior of the Left) that Covid-19 was a political weapon designed to do at least two things: to remove Trump from office via election theft (with the aid of the Covid insanity), and to punish Trump’s millions of supporters. How dare they support Trump! Small-business owners and blue-collar workers especially supported Trump.

The rich elites greatly fear Trumpism (i.e., right-wing populism). In fact, Trump wasn’t even supposed to become president. It was a fluke. An accident.

But, there was a problem with that theory: what about Europe and Australia? Why would they go along with the Covid-19 hysteria? Why would they lockdown and oppress the little people? Trump doesn’t live in Europe nor do his supporters (most of them anyway).

Well, now it has become clear. Let’s cut to the chase.

Bottom line: in the White Western world, leftism was near death just before Covid-19 hit in early 2020.
Sure, leftism was still popular in the media and in Hollywood, and even in the universities. But nowhere else! The public was not embracing leftism. And why would they? Leftism sucks. High taxes and insane government rules? Who wants that? Nobody wants that, except a few crazy leftists!

So, think about it: combine Trumpism (again, it’s right-wing populism — which was and is more popular than pizza and ice cream combined), and add the fact that Trump was going to win a second term in office. Also add the fact that Trumpism worked very well, and also add the fact that Trumpism was likely to be the new “big thing” in the Western world for the next 30 years, maybe longer. What does all of that add up to for the Left? The need to create a pandemic! Keep the Left in power for decades! (Leftists need power like plants need water. They can’t live without holding power and lots of it. Leftists are power-freaks and control-freaks).

Not only did Covid-19 “stop the clock” on the spread of right-wing populism, but it actually turned back the clock: illegal aliens are now flooding back into America. Trump’s common-sense policies have now been reversed by the so-called “Biden Administration.” Leftists are now back in business, shoving their crazy mandates down the throats of the little people and enjoying themselves immensely.

Covid-19 was the last gasp of dying leftism in the West. It was a “Hail Mary pass” in a football game that the Left was losing badly.

Finally, there’s the question: “is Covid-19 even real?” Or is it just another Asian flu? Or what? It’s a moot point now, isn’t it? The damage has been done and the goal has been accomplished (for now). (By the way, if the Covid-19 scamdemic wasn’t “domestic terrorism” then what was it?).

“…it’s a disaster that the political Left is suffering all over the world — at least they were (WERE!) until the pandemic pandemonium came along. In Europe, for example, a study that came from the Tony Blair Institute sounded the alarm back in 2018 and said that if you don’t do something and do it quick, the center-left will basically cease to exist in much of Europe.” (Indeed, in 2017, the Left in Europe was politically “missing-in-action”; they had lost a whopping 94% of the political seats that they sought).

[Video, 12 minutes].

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