28 March, 2022

Is War Coming? Are They That Stupid?

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What is very curious is that the entire White Western world is lined up against Russia. Not just some of the West. No. All of the West, as if all of the White countries are getting their marching orders from the same 10 billionaire Jews (which they are, right, George?). The Jews might think to themselves, “well, if things get too bad, we’ll just flee to Israel.” But it’s not that simple, because half of the world’s Jews live in America (hence the terms “the JewSA” and “The Jew S of Oy Veh”) and they have homes and real estate here — lucky us.

Not to lean on this matter too much, but, if Russia and China join forces against America, all bets are off and trannies are gonna be the very least of our troubles.

“Our model has ALWAYS picked up the shifts in capital flows that precede war. This time we are witnessing outflows not just from China, but also from ALL emerging markets on a scale that is simply unprecedented.”


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