11 March, 2022

Thoughts On Philosophy

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Most philosophers are worthless: the more you read, the more confused you become. It’s a rabbit hole, in other words.

Modern Western philosophy says that “everything is relative. There are no absolutes.” Bullshit. There are plenty of absolutes. But ever since Hegel, it has been “standard practice” in philosophy to say that “there are no absolutes.” We must reject that idea totally. Here’s one absolute: “Jews are a threat to Western culture.” It was true in 1900 and is still true today.

There are only three philosophers today who are “good for the White man”: Dr. William Pierce, Dr. Revilo Oliver and Alex Linder, who is the only White philosopher who frequently “says the quiet part out loud.” Some people don’t like that; Linder’s theories are “too rough” for them: “but-but, my girlfriend will leave me if I read Linder.” Good! Then you can go find a real woman. Note for the record that Pierce, Oliver and Linder are not Christians and are in fact anti-Christian. Good. Christianity only weakened White people and made them wimpy — by design! White people must stop trying to “do the Houston Stewart Chamberlain thing.” (Hitler blasted Chamberlain: he said, “what a fool! You can’t resurrect Jesus as a White man!”). White people must stop trying to re-invent Jesus as White. It’s ridiculous. It’s embarrassing. Jesus wasn’t White and Christianity isn’t White. It’s a Jewish, egalitarian religion which was spread by the Jew Saul [he was later called “St. Paul”]. The Old Testament was written by Jews. You want to follow a religion? How about Cosmotheism? It’s a good religion if you need some spirituality in your life.

These two videos are interesting and funny, but also predictable: Moral Philosophy without any absolutes? Without any philosophical mandates? Surely there should be a few — like “never do anything to betray White Western culture/the White race.” How about that? In fact, we need a new philosophy: “White Moral Philosophy.” Complete with absolutes.

[Video, 25 minutes] and [Video, 12 minutes].

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