8 April, 2022

A List of Things Leftists Hate

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A List of Things Leftists Hate

— White men (they’re racist oppressors who had the colossal nerve to invent everything)

— traditional family values (they’re sexist and homophobic)

— children (they’re a burden and they’re expensive, too)

— old people (they’re a burden; “rest homes exist for a reason!”)

— conservatives (they’re all racists and haters!)

— traditions (they’re corny and old-fashioned)

— facts and truth (leftists must hide facts and truth, which hinder the “progressive” agenda, e.g., racial differences)

— religion (but Islam is okay)

— racial solidarity (unless Blacks and Browns have it/show it, then it’s okay!)

— patriotism (how horrible!)

— national sovereignty (how horrible!)

— suburbs (too White)

— the Midwest (too White)

— classical music (too White)

— heterosexuals (too normal)

— guns (they’re very dangerous!)

— small governments (“governments must be huge and must control everything!”)

— capitalism (rich White men exploiting Black people)

— rich people (unless they’re liberal, then they’re okay)

— low taxes (“Black people need our tax dollars!”)

— Ronald Reagan (“Under his presidency, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer!” aka, zero-sum thinking)[1].

— Donald Trump (“He’s just like Hitler, only taller! He has millions of robotic, racist followers who obey his every wish! He’s a danger to our democracy!”)


[1] an example of “zero-sum” economic thinking: if rich Larry gains $50.00, then poor Tom loses $50.00 by default. This is total nonsense. Reagan had a very good economy and Trump had a great economy, which is one reason why the leftists hate them. In the minds of leftists, a good economy means “poor Blacks are suffering while rich Whites are getting richer.”

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