24 April, 2022

DIEversity in the Skies

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(*ring*)(*ring*) “Hello, Happy Crappy Airlines? Do you have any non-Affirmative Action flights available? I mean, do you have flights piloted by White men who don’t have emotional issues or eating disorders? You do??? But it will cost me $100.00 extra??? Okay, great, I’d like to book a flight to…” (This will never happen in the era of DIEversity).

The main reason why the commercial airline industry was so safe for so many years was because it was exclusively White and male. No “quota hires.”

But as “diversity” (aka, DIEversity, because it can kill you) creeps into the airline industry, that safety record will vanish. Brain trivia: women have slower reaction times and worse spatial ability than men, which can be issues when flying a plane. Combat jet trivia: female jet pilots and Navy aircraft carriers don’t mix: one female pilot crashed and died in 1994, and three others lost their flight status and were grounded — but it was later “determined” that they were grounded due to “sexism”; of course it was “sexism”! What else would it be? Those evil White men…oh, they’re so hateful…

“The End of the All-Male, All-White Cockpit” (“Cockpit”? That word could be problematic in the era of DIEversity! How about just “pit”?).

“Airlines are struggling to find enough pilots and to diversify a profession that has been very resistant to change.”


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