13 April, 2022

Kiddie Diddling: the Next Outrage to be Normalized?

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“Is there a shadowy network of Democrat pedophiles plotting to legalize sex with children?

I’ve been hearing that for the past half-dozen years, but to be honest, I don’t see much evidence of any kind of powerful campaign to make child sex abuse the next big thing after gay marriage and transgenderism. Our culture is so obsessed with consent, child safety, and delaying the age of adulthood that it’s hard to see how anybody could ever square the circle of ideologically legitimizing adults having sex with children.”

Understand one thing about modern America: “never say it won’t happen.” Recall: when the Brady Bill (an anti-gun law) was being pushed in Congress in 1994, lots of gun owners said: “it can’t happen, because of the 2nd Amendment.” Well, it happened (thanks to two Jews: Sen. Howard Metzenbaum and Rep. Charles Schumer. Metzenbaum wrote the Brady Bill). Being a “short-eyes” is illegal now, but will it be in 10 years?


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