21 April, 2022

The Biden Administration is Trying to Get America Fully into the Ukraine War. Why?

Posted by Socrates in Russia, Russophobia, Ukraine, Ukraine war propaganda at 2:53 pm | Permanent Link

Is the Ukraine war America’s war? NO. Then why is Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden trying to make it our war? Does he want U.S. soldiers to die for corrupt Ukraine? Why are our White tax dollars supporting Jewboy Zelenskyy?

“Joe Biden announced an additional $800 million package of military assistance to Ukraine as Russian forces continue their military campaign to seize the country’s east. This follows the $800 million he donated last week. Biden also announced $500 million to assist the Ukrainian government. This will make $1 billion in aid to Ukraine’s government in the last month. Ukraine is the most corrupt nation in Europe.”


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