20 April, 2022

The Theft of Our Freedom

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Liberals have an entirely different concept of freedom. For the liberal
the idea of freedom is mixed up with the ideas of happiness and comfort.
That’s why one always hears liberals talking about things like “freedom
from want.” To liberals, a hungry man is not a free man. And of course,
in a certain sense of the word that is true. A hungry man is encouraged
by the pain in his belly to do something to get food. His options are
more limited — at least temporarily — than those of a man who is not
hungry. But that’s not the sense in which we use the word “free.”
Whether a man is hungry or not, whether he is poor or not, he is free as
long as he not prevented by the government from seeking food for himself
or seeking to alleviate his poverty.”


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