2 April, 2022

They Poked the Bear Too Hard

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Big money says that “the West” is going to regret messing with Russia over Ukraine. Add China to the mix and “the West”‘s glory days seem to be over. Add some Arab/Muslim countries joining that “New Axis” (which could happen) and not only is “the West” in trouble but so is Zionism. Add a new Africa-wide bank (like Qaddafi tried to create), aided by the New Axis, and it gets even worse for “the West.” Oy veh!

“Coupled with No Rubles No Gas, what we have here is energy de facto pegged to gold. The EU Chihuahuas and the Japanese colony will need to buy a lot of rubles in gold or buy a lot of gold to have their gas. And it gets better. Russia may re-peg the ruble to gold in the near future. Could go to 2,000 rubles, 1,000 rubles, even 500 rubles for a gram of gold.”


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