16 April, 2022

Thoughts On Morality

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Note: this is not about Christian morality [1].

In fact, let’s call our morality “White morality” to avoid confusion with Christian morality.

White morality defined here means: “always doing the right thing in every situation.” A true example of that from circa 1995: one day, I phoned Bob, a friend of mine. His wife answered. She said Bob wasn’t there. I could tell by her speech that she had been drinking heavily. She invited me to “come over anyway.” She said, “come on over, ’cause Bob will be gone all day. You know what I mean?” Yes, I did know what she meant, and I quickly refused her offer and hung up the phone. I did the moral thing that day.

(Christian morality is a funny thing and it’s not moral half the time. For example, how is sending tons of food to Africa to “help the poor, starving Black children” moral? They’ll only multiply, and then the overpopulation problem there will be even worse. When it comes to morality, religion should not come into play since it will skew your logic and your reasoning).

Why is morality important? For one thing, it breeds trust. I can trust my White neighbor and he can trust me. That’s very important. I know he’ll do the right thing and he knows that I will, too. Morality also leads to good decisions each time! (Like when I ordered a pizza last night, that was a moral and therefore good decision! See? Heh-heh). Anyway, follow your inner moral compass and each decision you make will be correct, like clockwork. Think of morality as a game plan for living your life properly [2]. If you don’t have an inner moral compass, get one. Read about The Golden Rule, for example (which came from the New Testament, but whatever, it’s still a good rule).

What is moral in “the big scheme of things” for White people? Simply put: doing what needs to be done to ensure that the White Western world remains White. We built the Western world, and we must preserve it [3]. In fact, if the West dies, the whole world will probably die as well, because non-Whites make poor decisions as a rule.

More on morality [Here].


[1] Christianity isn’t Western. It came from Jews (who wrote the Old Testament) in the Middle East and it was spread all over the world, even into Brown and Asian countries. It’s a global, egalitarian religion. Whites, if they embrace any religion, should embrace Cosmotheism.

[2] “Morality is reason in the practical order. Anything which undermines morality undermines reason” — E. Michael Jones. (Reason/reasoning means “applying logic [to a problem] by drawing conclusions from new or existing information”).

[3] “What needs to be said is that American culture is Eurocentric, and it must remain Eurocentric or collapse into meaninglessness. Standards of European and American origin are the only possible standards that can hold our society together and keep us a competent nation.”
— from the book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (New York; ReganBooks, 1996) by judge Robert H. Bork, p. 311

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