18 April, 2022

Two Things About Black People

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1. The normalization of the negro

I keep seeing negroes with dogs in TV commercials.

Having known some negroes over the years, I know that they are, as a rule, not “dog people.” Marijuana people, yes. Fried chicken people, yes. Violent people, yes. But dog people? No. And millions of dogs are grateful for that.

2. Thoughts on the “Black lives matter” movement

I’m not referring to the BLM group itself, but to the overall movement, dating back to the beginning of the welfare movement in 1965.

The pro-Black movement severely altered the public perception of Blacks. It created a false image of Blacks.

The pro-Black movement has managed to transfer billions of dollars in aid (e.g., welfare payments, grants, scholarships, vocational training programs) from the White community to the Black community. This gave/gives the overall impression that Black people are much more capable than they really are. This makes Blacks “appear more or less equal to Whites” [1]. Left to their own devices, of course, Blacks wouldn’t have refrigerators full of food, pockets full of money and fancy clothes. They’d be on streetcorners begging for nickels.

Trivia: welfare has destroyed the Black family — what there was of it, at least. Fedgov is now “daddy” (the bread-winner) to millions of Black kids. Surely the Johnson Administration knew this would happen, but it didn’t care, since welfare meant more Black votes for the liberals. Welfare greatly increased crime in America, since Black kids had no actual “daddies” to raise them; a kid without a father is a future criminal, even if that father is absent half of the time) [2].


[1] recently, I saw a “fancy negro” (you’ve seen them) in public and I marveled at how everything he had came from Whites: a big, fancy car (invented by Whites), a fancy cellphone (ditto), a fancy wristwatch (ditto), fancy clothes (ditto), fancy sunglasses (ditto), even the words coming from his mouth (English, er, semi-English anyway). This guy was only about 25 years old, but his car was much more expensive than mine! How did that happen?

[2] President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” program (aka, “The War on Poverty”) totally remade America from 1965-onward. It transferred power “from the states to Washington DC” and transferred billions of White tax dollars to Blacks and Browns in many different ways: via actual money, food, housing/rent subsidies, education, health care, job training — you name it and Whitey paid for it! The term “”Great Society” was coined by Jewish presidential advisor and speechwriter Richard N. Goodwin. The “Great Society” amounted to the idea that “the federal government will control nearly everything in America from now on” and you can see how that turned out. Maybe a real White leader will come along soon and undo the “Great Society.” (More trivia: Johnson was a bold liar. He said in 1964, about U.S. involvement in Vietnam, i.e., combat: “We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10,000 miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves.” Yet, one year later, he began sending U.S. boys into combat in Vietnam; he sent 3,500 U.S. Marines in March 1965.

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