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10 November, 2007

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Gadzooks. If that happens, diversity activists may have to get real jobs, and affirmative action programs may vanish. Science + the internet = a shaky future for the West’s Jewish-built egalitarian movement [1]: [Article]. [1] the idea that the human races are equal was pioneered by Jews, e.g., Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, the Frankfurt School […]

2 January, 2007

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“It ain’t what you don’t know, it’s what you know that just ain’t so.” – adage Realize that wherever jews have incentive to lie, they will. It is their ‘religion’ to do so. If most of what you know you learned in school, and school’s agenda is set through textbooks whose guidelines were prepared by […]

24 July, 2006

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by Fred Reed A Modest Proposal To Abolish Universities About Time I think it is time to close the universities, and perhaps prosecute the professoriat under the RICO act as a corrupt and racketeering-influenced organization. Universities these days have the moral character of electronic churches, and as little educational value. They are an embarrassment to […]

24 July, 2006

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By James R. The myth of the “hardworking, Catholic, mestizo family man” is a bald-faced TV jew-joke-lie. DNA-wise the mestizo is 70% injun and 20% nigger. It’s a failure from the start. That’s all you’ll ever need to know about this degenerate biped. The reality is that, as a result of its defective DNA combination, […]

24 July, 2006

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White identity = protection in prison. Paganism Gaining Popularity in Prison – – – – – – – – – – – – By KRISTEN GELINEAU Associated Press Writer July 23,2006 | STAUNTON, Va. — A pagan religion that some experts say can be interpreted as encouraging violence is gaining popularity among prison inmates, one […]

21 July, 2006

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Researchers in Germany said Thursday that they planned to collaborate with an American company in an effort to reconstruct the genome of Neanderthals, the archaic human species that occupied Europe from 300,000 years ago to 30,000 years ago until being displaced by modern humans. Long a forlorn hope, the sequencing, or decoding, of Neanderthal DNA […]

21 July, 2006

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[Women follow patterns. Whether they’re set by White men, jews — or dogs. White men, most of them, are scarcely less pattern-conditioned than women. This girl was thrown to the dogs by her drunken parents; the jews are throwing our youth to the dawgs. Most people — breakthrough thought — cannot do other than follow […]

20 July, 2006

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Britain ‘had apartheid society’ Anglo-Saxon treasures suggest they were economically superior An apartheid society existed in early Anglo-Saxon Britain, research suggests. Scientists believe a small population of migrants from Germany, Holland and Denmark established a segregated society when they arrived in England. The researchers think the incomers changed the local gene pool by using their […]