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8 April, 2017

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You would think that Donald Trump, being a savvy businessman and deal-maker from New York City (a.k.a., the Big Bagel), would be immune to the cheap manipulations of the Jews. Apparently not. Anyway, here’s an old saying: “anything America does in the Middle East is about Israel.” That was true in 1973 (America helped Israel […]

3 February, 2017

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All countries have natural sovereignty, i.e., they all have a right to self-defense; even Iran does. The threat to peace in the Middle East isn’t Iran. The threat to peace is Israel. Indeed, those paranoid Jews almost used nukes against Egypt in 1973. Scary! Let America be realistic about the Middle East. [Article].

29 July, 2014

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Many people (including John F. Kennedy) were opposed to the creation of a Jewish state in 1948. They knew about the true nature of the Jews, who are a race of narcissists, paranoids, swindlers and con-artists. They were worried that if the Jews got their own state, it would give them even more power than […]