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February 5. Truth-seeking historian Ernst Zundel, 63, is arrested in the U.S.A., allegedly on an immigration violations matter.

February 6. Zionist Jew Seth Lipsky's new paper, The New York Sun, calls for treason prosecution for anti-war protestors planning a rally in New York City. Seth Lipsky's new paper is financially backed by media tycoon Conrad Black and Michael Steinhardt. Lipsky was the former editor of the New York Jewish daily newspaper, the Forward. Jews support human rights and free speech? You've got to be kidding. Free speech was created by Englishmen and is being destroyed in the European World by Jews.

February 12. Immigration and Naturalization Service announces it will deport Ernst Zundel to his native Germany as soon as possible. The United States INS -- which studiously ignores and/or protects Mexican, black, Arab illegal invaders -- is pushing the deportation of this White scholar because Zundel's return to Germany may subject him to a jail sentence of up to five years -- for writing. Specifically, for challenging elements of the packaged history of World War Two. Per Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ernst's wife, "We are here legally... We are not hiding. We are not doing anything wrong," she said. Her husband has a work permit, a Social Security number and driver's license; "we just happen to be politically incorrect," she said. Now he is in jail "with criminals and crazies," he said. "It is beyond belief." "...We are decent people. We don't need to be taken away in handcuffs like wetbacks coming across the border." Indeed.
  • http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?BRD=1211&dept_id=169689&newsid=7010847&PAG=461&rfi=9

    February 14. More anti-White Jewish meddling: Rabbi Marc Schneier plans to open a Washington office of "The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding" to better relations among Jewish, Latino, black and Asian-Pacific members of Congress. On February 5, Rabbi Schneier held an event on Capitol Hill for Jewish and Latino lawmakers. The event was co-sponsored by the rabidly anti-White, anti-American National Council of La Raza and the World Jewish Congress.
    "Rabbi Reaching Out to Latino Lawmakers" By Jew E.J. Kessler, Forward staff.
  • http://www.forward.com/issues/2003/03.02.14/news12.html

    February 17. No statute of limitations: Jews' 2500-year-old hatred of Assyrians. "Some Assyrians say Jews are one group of people who seem to be more familiar with them. But because the Hebrew Bible describes Assyrians as cruel and ruthless conquerors, people such as the Rev. William Nissan say he is invariably challenged by Jewish rabbis and scholars about the misdeeds of his ancestors." LA Times reports:
  • http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-assyrians17feb17,1,5195808.story

    February 19. Jew Isaac Kohn of Israel National News illustrates the brutal depth of Jewish hatred of and bloodlust for any person or nation that crosses the Jewish agenda in any way, in a rabid attack on Belgium for daring to suggest Prime Minister of Israel Ariel "The Butcher of Beiruit" Sharon may be held to the same standards as other leaders for his war crimes: Belgium, simply, is an "unpretentious, hypocritical slagheap of bigotry surrounded by a thick halo of transparent anti-Semitism." The Belgium court's approval of possible war crimes charges against Ariel Sharon is a "modern blood libel" and requires Jewish retaliation against the Belgians, a "cynical" nation of "bigots." "Belgium, beware! The next head in the guillotine may be yours." And the executioners of the Belgian subhumans will be Jews. For a summation of Jew Kohn's "Belgium: Waiting for the Guillotine," along with a letter to Belgium on behalf of the American people in regard to the article, click here.

    February 22. ISRAEL KESTENBAUM Charged as cyber-perv: "Manhattan prosecutors revealed creepy details of a New Jersey rabbi's alleged online pursuit of a 13-year-old girl yesterday - including the black bag of condoms and lubricants they say he brought to their first 'date.' ...Prosecutors also revealed yesterday that Kestenbaum - a married father of six from Highland Park who serves on the Manhattan-based New York Board of Rabbis - may be charged with additional related crimes...cops found 'at least one image of child pornography,' prosecutor Jennifer Steiner told a Manhattan judge..." Read the whole sordid story: "'Rubber' Rabbi All Set for Sex."
  • http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/30914.htm

    February 24. The cat is out of the bag. The U.S. War on Iraq is War for Jews. Not war for oil, war for Jews. "Shaul Mofaz, Israel's defense minister, told members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations last week that after Iraq, the United States should generate 'political, economic, diplomatic pressure' on Iran. 'We have great interest in shaping the Middle East the day after' a war, he said." Gentiles fight and die while Jews reshape and thrive.
  • "Israel Sees War in Iraq as Path to Mideast Peace," by James Bennett, New York Times. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/02/24/international/middleeast/24CND-ISRA.html?tntemail0
  • TT version with highlights and commentary here.

    March. Jew "conservative" Michael "Savage" Weiner promotes arrest for opposing war. Please note how the jew practices identity theft by calling himself Paul Revere.
    (Special thanks to Elena Haskins @ wakeupordie.com)

    March 10. Rep. James Moran (D-Va.), told constituents last week that the Jewish community is the determinative factor in the Bush administration’s push for war. Jews collectively descend to pressure Moran and obscure reality.
    "Some say U.S. is fighting Israel’s war" by Jew Matthew E. Berger, for JTA, the "Global News Service for of the Jewish People."

    March 13. Jew Howard Stern, radio "shock jock," brazenly lies about jewish power in America and the jewish influence behind the war against Iraq (aka Operation Iraqi Freedom), blaming it on "big money blue-bloods." Read relevant transcript, with commentary by Victor Wolzek, here:

    March 16. Jew IDF soldier murders unarmed, 23-year-old, American woman, Rachel Corrie by running over her with a bulldozer.
    Mainstream media sources:

    FOX News

    Washington Post

    VNN Collection and Commentary

    March 19. 5:00PM PST, the deadline President George W. Bush gave to Saddam to surrender and leave Iraq comes and goes. Saddam isn't leaving. U.S. invasion of Iraq on behalf of Israel is now guaranteed.

    March 19. "USA lied about Iraq's weapons," says Norway. "Joern Siljeholm, Ph.D. in environmental chemistry.... told Dagbladet that Colin Powell's report to the Security Council on how Iraq camouflaged their WMD program was full of holes. 'Much of what he said was wrong. It did not match up at all with our information. The entire speech was misleading,' Siljeholm said. Asked if the Americans lied, Siljeholm said: 'Lie is a strong word - but yes, the information Powell presented about Iraq's nuclear program was simply incorrect,' Siljeholm said."
    Full article by Jonathan Tisdall here:

    March 20. As Americans and Brits die for Israel is Iraq, Jews worry about...Jews.
    JTA Staff reports, "Jewish communities around the world are divided in their feelings about the attack on Iraq, but united in their concern that Israel could be endangered..."
    Full article here:

    March 23. Black U.S. soldier, Sgt. Asan Akbar of the 326th Engineer Battalion, grenades fellow American's. The U.S. media never says he's black but does say he's "muslim." An educated guess says that this "muslim" is one of many violent American blacks converted to Islam in the joint. It's impossible to know this, however, as thus far information is limited. But if the story is ever outed and this guess turns out to be true: You heard it here first.

    AP reports, "Army: Soldier suspected of deadly grenade attack on 101st Airborne had 'attitude problem'"

    Columnist Steve Sailer draws the correct conclusion from this case: "Anti-Americanism Spurred By Immigration." But of course he fails to make clear that Jews -- the sole beneficiaries of the war on Iraq -- "revolutionized" American immigration policy is 1965. Jews excel at "regime change" of non-Jew nations.

    March 20. Iraq under seige, Saddam gives a speech in which he says: "Oh brave men, opposers of evil in the world. You have noticed how the reckless Bush made light of your positions and opinions against the war and your honest call for peace and committed his terrible crime today. . . . [O]ur nation and humanity will be victorious and the evil will be hit to the extent that it will no longer be able to carry out crimes and will be hit by what the American-Zionist criminal alliance committed against nations and peoples . . . . Long live jihad! Long live Palestine!"
    Full speech here:
    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20030320/ap_wo_en_ge/me_gen_ir aq_saddam_speech_1

    March 25. Jewish tycoon Boris Berezovsky is arrested by British police at the request of Russian authorities investigating him for alleged fraud.
    -- Reported by Michael McDonough, Associated Press Writer

    March 26. Russia rules textbook critical of Jews is legal. Of course only after Jews whined the issue all the way into court. Jews demand every culture, orthodox or otherwise, deform itself to suit Jews. Meanwhile Jews screech "anti-Semitism" the moment anyone dares to point out the fact that Orthodox Judaism is the most hateful, racial supremacist doctrine the world has ever seen. Three cheers to Russia for standing its ground to defend its culture. The offending material in the book? From the article: "The book, endorsed by the Education Ministry and the Russian Orthodox Church for use in public schools, says the Jews forced Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus because "they thought only about power over other peoples and earthly wealth.... In addition to attacking Jews, the textbook accuses Russia's non-Orthodox "guests" of "not always behaving nobly in the traditionally Orthodox state." Note how a statement of religious/historical fact is deemed "attacking Jews" by the Jewish paper reporting it. The latter accusation, if anything, is guilty of being too generous to Russian Jews, unless overthrowing the country and murdering millions and millions of native Christians in gulags -- and more generally attacking and eroding all host nations who've welcomed them -- may be properly characterized as acting "less than noble."
  • http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=276393&contrassID=2&subContrassID=1&sbSubContrassID=0&listSrc=Y

    April 5. Jew IDF soldier shoots White American, Brian Avery, 24, in the face.

    "American peace activist shot in face in West Bank," created: April 05, 2003 - 11:15 AM. Posted by: Web Producer Paola Farer, JERUSALEM (AP).

    April 6. The jews murder America one state at a time, next up: Maryland. "The Maryland General Assembly yesterday passed legislation to extend in-state tuition benefits to illegal Mexican invaders attending state colleges and universities." This America-destroying insanity began in 1965 when jews ripped open America's immigration policy.
  • Victor Wolzek's 'The Murder of America One State at a Time: Maryland Tax Money At Work'
  • Kevin MacDonald's Jewish involvement in influencing United States immigration policy, 1881-1965: A historical review. PDF file. (Note: The PDF will automatically launch when you click the link.)

    April 7. American police use Israeli tactics against American anti-war protestors in Oakland, CA.

    April 18. While Leftist opposition to the war on Iraq was grounded in the shallow and jew-safe notion that it was a war for oil waged by evil white men, rather than a war for Israel planned and instigated by traitorous "neoconservative" jews, the Left was half right: The war on Iraq was partly about stealing oil - OIL FOR JEWS! "With Baghdad effectively in American hands, Israel and Jordan are testing the political waters to see whether the Haifa-Mosul pipeline could once again pump oil from Iraq to Israel's major port city... The passage of oil from Iraq to Israel through already existing infrastructure could 'transform Haifa into a new Rotterdam,' said Paritsky. He envisions tankers from all over the world taking on loads of crude oil, or oil already refined in Haifa's refineries all at a price, of course."
  • "Iraq-to-Haifa oil pipeline," by Matthew Gutman, Jerusalem Post Service.

    April 25. Leaked document exposes pro-Israel lobby's manipulation of US public.

    April 26. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon recruits U.S. mercenaries against Syria. "Even before the 'victory' in Iraq had been declared, Administration officials began leveling accusations at Syria that sounded strangely familiar, something like a regurgitation of the lies that had propelled our forces into [Iraq]. Predictably, that series of accusations was followed by Sharon's demands of its mercenary forces, the U.S. military, that they undertake five goals desired by Israel. These demands represent the next step in Israel's fulfillment of the jew Wolfowitz/ jew Perle design to achieve "The New Strategy for Securing the Realm," the report they prepared for the Israeli right wing Likud party in 1996. Ha'aretz listed Sharon's demands in its April 16th edition, demands uttered only two days earlier by Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz: 1. The removal and dismantling of Palestinian terrorist organizations operating out of Damascus ­ Hamas and Islamic Jihad; 2. The ouster of Iranian Revolutionary Guards from Lebanon's Bekaa Valley; 3. An end to Syrian cooperation with Iran, including attempts to transfer arms to the Palestinian Authority and incite Israeli Arabs; 4. The deployment of the Lebanese Army along Lebanon's border with Israel and the ouster of Hezbollah from the area; and 5. The dismantling of the surface-to-surface missile network that Israel charges Hezbollah has built in Southern Lebanon. Sharon added that President Pashar Assad "is dangerous. His judgment is impaired." Like Saddam, Israel and America are confronted once again with a dangerous threat in the form of a dictator. Obviously, Sharon has no qualms about making such demands; he has already made it known to his Cabinet and to the Israeli public via radio that Jews run the U.S. and we here in America know it."

  • "Sharon Recruits US Mercenaries Against Syria," by William A. Cook, CounterPunch.org.

    April 28. In the wake of the Iraq invasion, Israel pushes U.S. for regime change in Syria and Iran. "Ambassador Daniel Ayalon said the U.S. invasion of Iraq and overthrow of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein helped create great opportunities for Israel but it was "not enough". "It has to follow through. We still have great threats of that magnitude coming from Syria, coming from Iran," he told a conference of the pro-Israeli Anti-Defamation League."

    May 1. Jew Joseph Stern, partner in the New York-based law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, is re-elected to serve another one-year term as chair of the board of the America-destroying Mexican American Legal & Educational Defense Fund (MALDEF).
  • http://www.ffhsj.com/pressreleases/stern_maldef2.htm

    May 2. In attempt to arrest to arrest three Palestinians, Abu Hin, 30, and his two brothers, Mahmoud, 37, and Ayman, 29, who lived nearby, Israeli tanks backed by helicopters raided the Sajayia neighborhood of Gaza City at about 3 A.M. Sixteen Palestinians were murdered by jews. Two-year-old Amer Ayad, two 13-year-old boys and a 67-year-old man were among those murdered in the Sajayia raid.
    "16 Palestinians killed in Gaza, West Bank," by Amos Harel and Arnon Regular

    May 3. "Israel Defense Forces troops demolishing a home suspected of concealing an arms-smuggling tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip shot dead a British television cameraman late Friday... 'We were very visible to the troops, with a white flag and 'TV' markings on our vests, but still the troops opened fire.'"
    "British journalist killed by IDF fire while filming in Rafah," by Arnon Regular and Amos Harel, Haaretz

    June 2. "New York Holocaust survivors will benefit from an initial payment of $1.1 million (as part of $132 million to be distributed over ten years) received being allocated to four social service agencies that provide assistance to elderly, needy Jewish victims of Nazi persecution... 'This is great news and one more step forward in securing justice for Holocaust survivors and their heirs.'"
  • http://www.ins.state.ny.us/p0306021.htm

    July 10. After being sworn in for a seat on the Hopewell, New Jersey town council, Marc Moran is accosted by a reporter threatening to "out" his National Alliance membership. White men are not allowed to have White interests in jews' America. After initially refusing to resign his council position or repudiate the National Alliance, he eventually did both, and then withdrew from White activism altogether.
  • PoliticsNJ.com article by Steve Kornacki.
  • Assemblyman Reed Gusciora press release.
  • Moran Quits.

    August. Three plaintiffs legally sought the removal of a Ten Commandments monument in Alabama. Jewish lawyer Stephen Glassroth also got judge Roy Moore, the infamous "Ten Commandments judge" who defended the monument, removed from the bench by filing an ethics complaint against Moore. The lawsuit was filed by the Jewish-heavy SPLC, the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State on behalf of three Alabama attorneys, one of them being Glassroth.

    August. A court victory occurred against saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Colorado public schools; it involved a Jew who sued against the Pledge, Anne Rosenblatt, a 14-year-old student at a Colorado high school. Rosenblatt was one of the nine people named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which was argued by the Jewish-led American Civil Liberties Union. ACLU leaders: Executive Director of ACLU for 23 years, Ira Glasser (Jewish; retired in 2001); Nadine Strossen, President of the ACLU (part-Jewish); Steven Shapiro, Legal Director of the ACLU (Jewish). Another Jewish person, Bill Rubenstein, developed the ACLU Lesbian and Gay Rights Project (see 1986).

    August 3. U.S. Senator (D-NY) Hillary Clinton, willing executioner of white Christian America, inadvertantly told the American Constitution Society in Washington, D.C., that she was "very grateful" to have to grown up in "the 1950s white suburbs." Naturally, Hillary's accidental truth-telling occurred as she worked to discredit the fact that white neighborhoods are preferable and in the best interest of white Americans. Hillary Clintons wishes to deprive others of what she benefitted from herself.
  • "Hillary: I'm Grateful I Grew up in 'White Suburbs,'" Newsmax.com, Sunday, Aug. 3, 2003 3:17 p.m. EDT.

    August 12. Jews killed Christ and to this day they try to crucify anyone who mentions that fact. Why did you kill our Jesus, jews? Why? Are you a "people of hate"? And why are you killing his memory again when we Christians try to tell our simple story about what you did to our Lord and Savior? Jews lie and try to pawn it off on the Romans. Mat 27:1 - "Very early in the morning, the leading priests and other leaders met again to discuss how to persuade the Roman government to sentence Jesus to death." And Matt 27:24-25 - "When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. 'I am innocent of this man's blood,' he said. 'It is your responsibility!' All the people answered, 'Let his blood be on us and on our children!'" Jews killed Christ.
  • http://sg.news.yahoo.com/030812/3/3dcmv.html
  • http://www.cathnews.com/news/303/80.php
  • http://www.wndu.com/entertainment/082003/entertainment_21284.php

    September 3. As jews build a wall to keep Palestinians out of Israel, "Jews Want Open Doors For Refugees" -- IN THE UNITED STATES, NOT ISRAEL!
    As it becomes even more difficult for foreigners to enter a United States wary of terrorism, several Jewish groups are urging immigration authorities to relax rules for asylum seekers. A coalition of 15 Jewish groups is raising a red flag about the practice of turning away asylum seekers who have used false documents. They argue that refugees fleeing persecution in their home countries are being denied the right to "due process" when they come to the United States. The groups, including the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League, have identified 200 cases in which asylum seekers were arrested before their claims were processed. In some cases, the refugees were carrying fake passports.
    --E.B. Solomont, The Jewish Times
    This is jewish nation wrecking right out in the open, no "secret conspiracy," pretense of subtlety. Several alternative links provided as original Jewish sources tend to move or discontinue articles that are not "good for Jews."
  • http://www.jewishtimes.com/News/3291.stm
  • http://www.jewishaz.com/jewishnews/030905/asylum.shtml
  • http://www.rense.com/general41/special.htm

    September 7. Jewish Bolshevism (sometimes referred to as "Zionazism" by presumably well-meaning folks who either naively or inadvertantly perpetuate anti-White Jewish memes while they protest actual, hateful Jewish actions) flexes its freedom-hating muscles in the U.S.A. "The message of the posters on the walls of Skokie library is plain: Big Brother is watching you. The signs, put up by librarian Caroline Anthony, warn of the radical new laws that have given the American government power to monitor the reading habits of its citizens without telling them. Now the FBI can also secretly record what websites people look at. And what books they buy. Or videos they hire. 'Libraries are all about freedom of knowledge and not having Big Brother watching you. We had to warn our users,' said Anthony."
  • "Big Brother Takes Grip on America" by Paul Harris in New York.

    September 10. "Real Raping" = The reality of "Operation Iraqi Freedom." The jew-instigated war got rid of Saddam and brought in -- porn. Straight jew-Frankfurt School strategy: subvert religious-moral foundation of a people and before long they are as malleable as Play-Doh. Why is a large part of "Christian" America supporting this jewish war? Because the jewish demolition of real Christianity, Father Coughlin style, was essentially completed in the '60s. Today, all Christianity that isn't "Judeo-Christianity" (i.e., ALL Christianity) is depicted by the jewish media as cultish criminality "cloaking itself" in Christianity. The only Christianity permissible in jew-controlled America is that which stays out of the way of the jewish anti-White internationalist agenda. Christianity that actually promotes this jewish, anti-Christian, anti-White agenda gets maximum air time and press coverage. The consequence: for all intents and purposes "Judeo-Christianity" is Christianity in the U.S. The same process is now underway in Iraq.
    "Barely a seat is empty as hundreds of men, most puffing cigarettes, sit in total silence and darkness to enjoy scenes of nudity and sex for 1,000 Iraqi dinars ($0.50) a time. 'Under Saddam, forget it. You would go to jail for showing or watching this,' said movie-watcher Mohammed Jassim at the Atlas Cinema where one of the films on offer was disturbingly named 'Real Raping.' The fall of Saddam Hussein liberalised Iraq's cinema industry overnight. Pornographic movies which had circulated only secretly before suddenly came into the open. The smuggling of films from abroad became overt importing. And demand has proved high despite Iraq's strict Muslim morals."
    "Muslim" morals. On the way to becoming "Judeo-Muslim" morals.
  • "Blue Movies Proliferate in Post-Saddam Iraq" Reuters, 9/10/03.
  • More on Father Charles E. Coughlin

    September 11. The two year anniversary of an American tragedy which was at best caused by America's support of jews and Israel but at worst caused by -- dare we say it? -- Jews themselves! The evidence fuelling the suspicion is substantial. In effort to discredit anyone and everyone who would proffer such an argument, the jew-saturated TV show "60 Minutes II" did a high profile hit piece intended to broadly debunk theories merely suggesting jewish involvement or complicity. Though the show and this article ran last year, to this day there have been no substantive answers to the questions raised about jewish involvement. No good answers as to why so few -- only one or two -- Israelis died in the WTC attacks. (Initially it was reported that ZERO Israelis died.) No good answers as to why a group of jews were caught filming the fiery attacks laughing and cheering. No good answers to questions about the 60 Israeli "tourists" detained immediately after the 9-11 attacks. No good answers to any of the questions raised by Carl Cameron's devastating 4-part series for Fox News, which was almost instantly "disappeared" into the "memory hole."
  • "Anniversary of September 11th in the Media" a news feature by Jewish World.
  • "Carl Cameron's buried 4-Part Series for Fox News." This is a document of great importance and must be proliferated far and way and preserved against all efforts to erase it from existence. It is provided here for free and easy reference.

    September 15. Official Report: "No evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." President George W. Bush and the zionist "neoconservative" jews feeding him his words and his Middle East policy lied. The was for the benefit of Israel. (Even the "oil interests" harped on by attention-dodging jews and naive well-meaning jew-blind liberals have proven to be principally oil interests for Israel!) "The London-based Sunday Times newspaper said inspectors had found no evidence any such arms exist. Efforts by the Iraq Survey Group, an Anglo-American team of 1400 scientists, military and intelligence experts, to scour Iraq for the past four months to uncover evidence of chemical or biological weapons had so far ended in failure."
  • "Indefinite delay on weapons report," The Advertiser.

    September 15. Jews sow "ethnic discord" in former Soviet republic Mozyr, Balarus (230 miles south of the capital Minsk). "The World Association of Belarusian Jews"(!) is whining that a new gas pipeline being constructed "will desecrate the graves of 40 Jews who committed mass suicide during the Holocaust rather than surrender to Nazi forces." Jew Yakov Gutman, head of the World Association of Belarusian Jews, "likened it to the suicide of Jews at Masada, who killed themselves at the mountaintop fortress in the Judean desert rather than give in to Roman forces in A.D. 73." Of course, as with 99% of what jews claim about "The Holocaust," it's a lie. "'We refuse to acknowledge that this deed ever took place,' said Sergei Kostyan, national parliament deputy from Mozyr... Most city officials refuse to acknowledge the Mozyr mass suicide even happened, saying no documents confirm it." But even if the tall tale of "heroic Belarusian jews" were true, Kostyan's response to jewish whining is perfect: "Must we leave the city without gas because of Jews?" he asked.
  • "Gas line to defile Jewish graves," The Associated Press, New York Daily News.

    September 16. According to U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, there is no reason to believe that Iraq's Saddam Hussein had a hand in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States. But Rumsfeld and his neo-zionist buddies haven't exactly attempted to dispel this carelfully contrived myth, just as their media collaborators have made no effort to clarify this issue before or during the US attack on Iraq. In fact, a recent poll indicated nearly 70 percent of respondents believed the Iraqi leader probably was personally involved in the 9/11 attacks. Why? Because they were led to believe that by the lying jews who pushed America into war for the benefit of Israel -- the lying jews filling the D.C. "neoconservative" think tanks and scripting U.S. policy, the lying jews in the Defense department, the lying jews controlling the U.S. media.
  • "Rumsfeld Sees No Link Between Iraq, 9/11," by Robert Burns, American Press Military Writer.

    September 16. Once again, the U.S. uses its veto to block a U.N. resolution against Israel. "The resolution had three stated aims: a demand for a halt to violence in the area, 'including all acts of terrorism, provocation, incitement and destruction'; a demand that Israel cease its threats to deport or assassinate Mr. Arafat; and an expression of support for the peace plan known as the road map." Reasonable? Yes. Good for jews? No. So jews have their U.S. mouthpieces veto it. THIS IS THE PRACTICAL DEFINITION OF "ZOG." When wild-eyed white "extremists" talk about jewish control of America, this is what they mean. And this is merely the latest, merely one of dozens of U.S. vetoes on behalf of Israel. In 1976, for example, the General assembly formed a commission of 21 countries to report to the Security Council on Palestinian rights. The report was presented to the Security Council by the Secretary-General and adopted with one veto -- the USA. The Secretary-General was Kurt Waldheim. Subsequently, false charges were made against him and he is still barred from entering the United States.
  • "U.S. Uses Its Veto to Block Anti-Israel Measure in U.N.," by Felicity Barringer, New York Times.

    September 18. Professor Kevin MacDonald makes the case: "Neo-conservatism" is another anti-White, anti-western, anti-American, anti-Christian ideological movement concocted by jews to serve their selfish racial interests, just like the Boasian school of anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School of Social Research, Marxism and several other movements of the radical left, as well as the movement to change the ethnic balance of the United States by allowing mass, non-traditional immigration.
    Neoconservatism’s key founders trace their intellectual ancestry to the “New York Intellectuals,” a group that originated as followers of Trotskyite theoretician Max Schactman in the 1930s and centered around influential journals like Partisan Review and Commentary (which is in fact published by the American Jewish Committee). In the case of neoconservatives, their early identity as radical leftist disciples shifted as there began to be evidence of anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union. Key figures in leading them out of the political left were philosopher Sydney Hook and Elliot Cohen, editor of Commentary. Such men as Hook, Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Nathan Glazer and Seymour Martin Lipset, were deeply concerned about anti-Semitism and other Jewish issues. Many of them worked closely with Jewish activist organizations. After the 1950s, they became increasingly disenchanted with leftism. Their overriding concern was the welfare of Israel... Current key leaders include an astonishing number of individuals well placed to influence the Bush Administration: (Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, I. Lewis Libby, Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, David Wurmser, Abram Shulsky), interlocking media and thinktankdom (Bill Kristol, Michael Ledeen, Stephen Bryen, John Podhoretz, Daniel Pipes), and the academic world (Richard Pipes, Donald Kagan).
  • Professor Kevin MacDonald's "Thinking About Neoconservatism," VDARE.com.
  • Jewess Ilana Mercer's sad and desperate attempt to talk her way around MacDonald, "Blame the Jews," Worldnetdaily.com.
  • Professor Kevin MacDonald's reply to jewess Mercer, "Comment on Ilana Mercer's 'Blame the Jews'," Worldnetdaily.com.

    September 20 - October 4. The "Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride." Just as jews organized and funded the so-called "freedom rides" of blacks in the early 1960s as a media stunt to push their anti-White, anti-democratic, anti-states rights subversion of segregation laws in the South, now they are doing the same thing for non-White, mostly Mexican illegal aliens who've criminally broken into the collective home which is our country.
  • Immigrant Worker's Freedom Ride homepage.
  • Sponsors commiting treason against America.
  • "Immigrants Say It Loud," by Martin Espinoza, The Jersey Journal.
  • "15 States License Illegals to Drive," by Jon Dougherty, WorldNetDaily.com.

    September 21. Another Real-World Example of What is Meant by "ZOG": As a result of jew led and funded "civil rights" and the 1965 change in U.S. immigration policy, non-White criminality is so rampant, so grossly disproportionate per capita to White crime, that federal and state governments make concerted efforts to hide this reality from the general public that suffers its effects. This jewish, governmental anti-White bias, and the reality of non-White criminality it conceals to the life-threatening detriment of all Americans, has been well documented. A few examples here:
  • "FBI Misclassifies Hispanic Offenders as White". Enlarged chart here.
  • "Crime" by Jared Taylor
  • "The Color of Crime" - PDF format
  • Black professor Walter Williams verifies "Color of Crime" in "What About Hate Crimes By Blacks?"
  • What is poignantly telling about these ZOG efforts to inflate numbers quantifying White crime in the U.S. is that Whites per capita are still shown to be far less likely than non-Whites to commit crime, especially violent crime. Even when lied about and intentionally made to look worse than they are, Whites still emerge from the anti-White data as society's good guys! Isn't it amazing how closely facts jibe with personal experience and intuition when they are bleached clean of jewish distortion and spin? To bring these facts down to earth, here are several specific examples WITH PHOTOS of non-White criminals -- convicted sex offenders -- officially listed as "White" and thus Whites get "credit" for their crimes according to government and media distributed "official crime statitics."
  • Gabe Martinez. Does he look White to you?
  • John J. Martinez. Does he look White to you?
  • Jose H. Martinez. Does he look White to you?

  • 2003
    September 22. Jews subverted White rule in South Africa and so, predictably, South Africa reverts to the booga-booga superstition and savage, cannibalistic violence that comes naturally to the native negro population. "3-year-old Thabang Malakoane disappeared... When his body was found, in a garbage bag under a thin layer of dirt, the left hand and genitals had been severed. The brain, heart and other vital organs were gone... Thabang's is the third suspected case in three weeks. Six men were arrested in Free State Province on Sept. 9 for trying to sell a human head, a pair of hands and feet, a heart, genitals and intestines. On Sept. 20, picnickers found the head of a 5-year-old floating by a dam near Johannesburg.
  • Read more here. "Toddler's Killing Exposes Ghoulish South Africa Practice," by Sharon LaFraniere, The New York Times.
  • Grotesque photos of a body "used" by African doctors here, here, and here.

    September 24. Israel is a danger to America. The terror threat Israel, jews, and their supporters pose to America and the interests of Americans is obvious. Israel:

    -- is in violation of more than 60 United Nations resolutions.
    -- openly practices a policy of assassinating its political opponents.
    -- routinely violates international law.
    -- possesses nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and refuses to allow international inspection of its nuclear facilities.
    -- has drained more than $100 billion from the U.S. Treasury.
    -- attacked and tried to sink a U.S. Navy ship in international waters and avoided any kind of congressional investigation.
    -- openly brags to third parties that it controls the U.S. Congress.
  • Read more here. "Israel is a Danger" by Charlie Reese.

    September 24. President Bush's speech at the UN proves once again that jewish control of the U.S. government leads inextricably to its isolation from the rest of the world. The U.S. bombed Iraq because jews control the U.S. government and bombing Iraq was "good for jews." The supposed justification for bombing Iraq (possession of WMD - weapons of mass destruction) has proven to be false, if not outright falsified, i.e. deliberately forged and fabricated in the first place (evidence suggests it was, but the benefit of the doubt is given). Now the jewish media and jew-approved high-profile pundits like the Limbaughs, Hannity, Coulter, and O'Reilley pretend Iraq's violation of UN resolutions, along with human rights violations, was the "real" reason invasion and occupation of Iraq was necessary. That Israel stands in violation of far more UN resolutions and accused of far more -- and ongoing -- human rights violations against Palestinians, as well as White female victims of their horrific sex trade, is overlooked.

  • "Bush isolated as speech to UN falls flat," Gary Younge in New York, The Guardian.
  • "UK nuclear evidence a fake" Ian Traynor, The Guardian.

    September 24. Jewish hate for non-jews goes unchecked as jews continue to terrorize and murder unarmed, innocent non-jewish civilians in Israel. On this day:
    --a 3 year old girl dies from shock following Israeli shelling attack.
    --Israeli jews' violent escalations leave five Palestinian men dead.
    --Israeli jew soldiers raid UN hospital in Qalqilya.
    "Three year old Dina Iesa was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Hospital this morning. Dr Ibrahaim al Mosadar said the little girl had died after entering a state of shock when Israeli forces began shelling houses around hers. Because of the heavy shelling an ambulance was unable to reach the area for some time and despite attempts to give the girl first aid at home she was dead upon reaching the Hospital. Dr Ibrahaim al Mosadar said that the little girl had no previous medical problems, she had been in good health and her death was solely a result of the Israeli attack... Muhammad Bashir Aqel, 25 years old was killed by shrapnel entering his chest and stomach. The second victim Nur Adin Abu Aramana, 23, was shot in the chest but almost certainly was killed when live ammunition shattered his skull. At least eight others were seriously injured in the attack, five remain in hospital. This number includes three children amongst them, Saleh Nufel, 13 years old, shot by live ammunition in his arm and Jihad Farage Allah 17, who received several rounds of live ammunition in his shoulder and abdomen... Meanwhile in the West Bank city of Hebron, Israelitroops killed two Palestinian men, Diab Shwiki, age 30 and Abed El-Rahim Kik Talhami, 27, when tanks and jeeps invaded the area. The Israeli troops took the men’s bodies. Why did the jews steal the men's bodies? Past cases suggest it's to steal their organs.

  • On The Ground Updates, The Palestine Monitor: The Voice of Civil Society.
  • Israel Kills Palestinian Boys, Steals Organs for Transplants, Tehran Times, January 9, 2002.
  • They left their hearts in Tel Aviv, Tehran Times, January 9, 2002.
  • "Presumed Guilty," by Janthan Rosenbaum, Jerusalem Times, October 17, 2000.

    September 25. "Holocaust survivors" sue insurance group. The whining never, ever ends. Jews not only sue the insurance companies, they sue the groups formed to help them sue the insurance companies! "The international commission created to help victims of Nazis collect on insurance policies was sued by two Holocaust survivors who say it has worked to deny decades-old claims. The lawsuit alleges unfair business practices by the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims, which was formed five years ago to resolve claims by survivors and their heirs. European insurers have been sued for refusing to honor many pre-World War II life insurance policies because there was no documentation of the policyholders' deaths. "Of course, the Nazis weren't issuing much paperwork when they were murdering Jews by the millions," said Harvey Rosenfield, a consumer advocate on insurance issues who helped file the suit.

  • "Holocaust Survivors Sue Insurance Group," by Robert Jablon, Associated Press Writer.

    September 26. Jew superstar lawyer, Harvard professor and torture advocate Alan Dershowitz is also a PLAGIARIST. Jew Norman Finklestein ("The Holocaust Industry") and Alex Cockburn plainly illustrate that jew Dershowitz's latest book, "The Case for Israel," is plagiarized, the product of what Cockburn calls the "wholesale, unacknowledged looting" of another's research, an act of intellectual swindling. Finklestein compiled a "devastating comparative archive" of Dershowitz's plagiarisms that include "no less than 20 thus far discovered in the first two chapters alone"!

  • "Will Lawrence Summers* Take Action? Alan Dershowitz, Plagiarist," by Alex Cockburn.
    *Jew Lawrence Summers is Harvard's president. The question is: Will jew Dershowitz suffer the fate that academic standards and policy demand? Or will jew Summers make an exception for jew Dershowitz? We shall see.

    September 30. If jews did not effectively control the U.S. government, in this time of war, "terror," and ever-worsening economic conditions, the U.S. Justice Department would not be wasting American time, money and manpower hunting deathbed geriatrics for their alleged WWII participation when they were teenagers. "The Justice Department asked a federal court in Milwaukee on Tuesday to revoke the citizenship of Josias Kumpf, 78, of Racine Wisconsin. The Justice Department alleges that 60 years ago Kumpf served as an armed guard at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp near Berlin, and later at the Trawniki Training camp in Poland. At both camps it is charged that Jews and others were deliberately killed." Notice they do not allege Kumpf killed anyone, only that he "served as an armed guard."

  • "U.S. to Revoke Alleged Nazi's Citizenship," by Frederic J. Frommer, Associated Press.

    As the effects of jew-opened American borders and the jew-instigated war in Iraq couple with the ever worsening problems of jew-wrought "civil rights," the signs measuring our march toward what Thomas Chittum calls "Civil War Two" become more and more visible.

  • Thomas Chittum's Civil War Two 36 point checklist.

  • http://www.immigrationshumancost.org.

    October 2. On March 16, 2003, a jew soldier in Israel murdered unarmed 23-year-old American girl
    Rachel Corrie. Today, October 2, 2003, jews in Israel plot to murder her memory by issuing a demolition order on a Palestinian family home that was rebuilt and dedicated to the memory of Rachel Corrie.

  • "Israelis to demolish Rachel Corrie home," by Lawrence Smallman, English Aljazeera.

    October 2. Amidst the California recall (of Gov. Gray Davis) race, an "unearthed book proposal by Pumping Iron's director George Butler... quotes Arnold Schwarzenegger naming monster Adolf Hitler as a hero!... Asked about his heroes, the young Schwarzenegger, in 1975, was quoted as saying; 'I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power. I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it.'... The actor was quoted as saying he wished he could experience being...'like Hitler in the Nuremberg stadium and have all those people scream at you and just being total agreement whatever you say.'" In America, "free" men are not allowed to have independent ideas about anything that crosses jewish interests. "Free" men are not allowed to admire historical figures who put the interests of their own people and culture ahead of jewish ethnic interests -- especially Hitler. "Asked by ABC News to comment on the old remarks, Schwarzenegger said: 'I cannot remember any of these. All I can tell you is that I despise everything Hitler stood for. I despise everything the Nazis stood for ... everything the Third Reich stood for.'" Whether Schwartzenegger -- whose father was in the Nazi SS -- believes what he says is irrelevant. The point is that, for all intents and purposes, he had no choice but to toe the jewish line. Had he stood behind his comments, he'd be destroyed by the jewish media and his run for California governor, not to mention his movie career, would be ruined. With all of his fame, wealth and connections (he's married to a Kennedy), megastar Arnold Schwartzenegger, like everyone else in "free" America, must genuflect before jews and their skewed, ethnically biased worldview, if he does not wish to be smeared, demonized and professionally blacklisted. Schwartzenegger's case is particularly poignant because, as an Austrian whose father was a Nazi, he is literally repudiating his own history and heritage to appease jews -- the world's true bigoted, hateful racial supremacists. American "freedom of speech" ends where jewish interests begin.

  • "Campaign Bombshell: Arnold Praised Hitler in a Book Proposal," by jew Matt Drudge, Drudge Report.

    October 2. Rush Limbaugh makes one true, shallow comment about media framing a story related to race and is immediately demonized until he apologizes and resigns his position. In "L'Affair Limbaugh," Alex Linder excavates the surprisingly deep, social-political-cultural-racial significance of this event. Read it here:

  • "L'Affair Limbaugh," by Alex Linder, VNN.
  • "Limbaugh Quits ESPN Job," by Bob Brookover, Philadelphia Inquirer.

    October 3. Jews hate non-jews and especially Christians. While jews in America continue collectively to bleach America of its Christian character and heritage, jews in the supposed "only democracy in the Mideast" -- the jewish supremacist ethno-nation of Israel -- despise religious freedom and sought to outlaw it. Israeli lawmaker Nissim Zvili sponsored "a proposed measure before the Israeli parliament (widely supported among various political factions in Israel) that would outlaw any effort to teach or propagate Christian doctrine in Israel. Under Zvili's highly popular proposal, any Christian missionary found guilty of violating the law would be sent to prison for one year." Jew Zvili agreed to drop his sponsorship ONLY AFTER "So-called 'leaders' of the Christian evangelical movement agreed to give up spreading the Gospel of Christ in the Holy Land in order to avoid being jailed."

  • "Christians Under Attack," by Michael Collins Piper.

    October 5. Wealthy, influential jews successfully push for the creation of Leftist activist "charter" schools, like The Los Angeles Leadership Academy, a taxpayer-funded middle school dedicated to "social justice" - i.e., jewish, leftist, anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-traditional America culture destruction. The article "But, Teacher, My Homework Got Run Over at the Taco Bell Protest" from today's LA Times, reveals "social justice" schools to be yet another example of effective jewish activism. Roger Lowenstein -- a typical Jewish leftist activist, graduate of Harvard Law School who spent two decades trying "to free a cop-killer from prison" and successful script writer for TV -- put up $200,000 of his own money and the LA schools put up $950,000 for a school dedicated to produce leftist activists. "Schools dedicated to social justice are popping up in Florida, the Bronx, Northern California, Chicago and elsewhere." The other major funder is jew Steve Tisch, a producer of "Forrest Gump," who pledged $250,000 over five years. Another story here is the pressure immigration is putting on public resources -- the real story of California's budget crisis: "To accommodate anticipated enrollment growth, the LAUSD plans to build 79 schools and expand 80 others during the next six years. In addition, the district expects to add at least 100, possibly 200, more charter schools to the 51 already operating." But "Charter schools [like the leftist one] can be started by anyone — parents, teachers, outsiders with a vision — who can win approval from the local school board." Bet they won't approve a pro-European one.

  • "But, Teacher, My Homework Got Run Over at the Taco Bell Protest," by Richard Lee Colvin, Special to The Times.

    October 6. Jews around the world gather to celebrate YOM KIPPUR, or the Day of Atonement, the most holy day on the jewish calendar. At synagogues everywhere jews will recite their Kol Nidre prayer. Taken from the first two Hebrew words of the prayer, "Kol Nidre" means "all vows." Goyim (non-jews, lit. "cattle") are told that Yom Kippur is when jews perform a penitential rite to be forgiven for wrongs they committed during the
    past year. Like everything about jews and judaism presented by the mass media, this is a lie, an intentional inversion of the truth to disguise the predatory nature of jewish custom and their hatred for their non-jewish host cultures. Fact: Yom Kippur is when Jews ask for and receive absolution for all the sins and wrongs they are about to commit ­ IN THE COMING YEAR. Essentially, jews cut a lawyer's deal with their "g-d" that absolves them in advance of all wrongdoing. Here is the actual text of this outrageous "prayer": "All vows, prohibitions, oaths, consecrations or equivalent terms that we may vow, swear, consecrate, or prohibit upon ourselves from this Yom Kippur until the next Yom Kippur, may it come upon us for good ­­ regarding them all, we repudiate them henceforth. They all will be abandoned, cancelled, null and void; they will be without power and without standing. Our vows shall not be valid vows; our prohibitions shall not be valid prohibitions; and our oaths shall not be valid oaths." It is a one-year, renewable license to lie, cheat and steal with impunity, all based on a decree from the jews' primary holy book, which says: "And he who desires that none of his vows made during the year shall be valid, let him stand at the beginning of the year and declare, 'Every vow which I make in the future shall be null'" (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Nedarim 23a and 23b). Among those reciting the Kol Nidre will be many jewish politicians, lawyers, businessmen, journalists and public officials. It should be noted that any oaths they take to uphold and defend the Constitution or otherwise tell the truth are, as of tonight, "abandoned, cancelled, null and void" and rendered "without power and without standing," just as they were last year, and every year before that one.

  • "Day of prayer for Jews arrives with Yom Kippur," by Jennifer Pollack. A single, random instance of the media lying about what jews do on Yom Kippur.

    October 6. Israeli soldiers fire automatic rifles across the Lebanese-Israeli border. "The reported incident comes amid heightened tension between Israel and Syria, Lebanon's close ally, following Israel's air raid on what the Jewish state said was a Palestinian militant base."
  • "Israelis Fire Across Lebanon Border," Associated Press.

    October 6. The American Billboard singles chart top 10 is made up exclusively of tunes from black artists for the first time. Another milestone in the jewish murder of traditional White, Christian America -- the tranformation of it into AmeriKwa -- via their control of the mass media.

  • "Black artists take over US top 10," BBC News.
  • "Swindler's Lust," by Victor Wolzek. Black music in America is so jewish that even "anti-semetic" black nationalist groups like Public Enemy are fruits of the jew.

    October 7. Germans driven from their homes and robbed of their property at the end of WWII is takeing its fight for compensation to the American courts, modelling its struggle on the never-ending compensation claims made by jews. The jews, of course, are whining about it: "The comparison has greatly angered Jewish groups who have called it 'offensive and hurtful'." One standard for jews, another for everyone else.

  • "Jewish fury at property claims by expelled Germans," by Kate Connolly in Berlin.

    October 8. Jews killed Christ. After all the lying and denying and spinning and shouting "anti-semite" at anyone and everyone who stated the fact -- including, most recently, Mel Gibson (for his daring to depict the murder in his independently financed film "The Passion" -- jews are finally backed enough into a factual corner that they must admit it. Of course, they do so only for the sake of damage control and in such a way as to start a whole other series of lies, denials, and spins. How do you know America is a jewish occupied tyranny? Jews demand and receive reparations for "persecutions" they cannot prove, and they have successfully outlawed stating this fact in most western nations. Jews revise American public school curricula to teach their fictions (e.g., The Diary of Anne Frank, jew Eli Wiesel's Night, jew Gould's racial egalitarianism, Griffen's Black Like Me) as our facts. Jews slander, libel and generally character assassinate as an "anti-semite" anyone they want to merely by levying the charge -- and proliferating the charge in "American" mass media -- while any factual/historical claim that is "not good for jews" (like their murder of Christ) is first dismissed, then portrayed as a hateful lie on its face, then subjected to irrational degrees of skepticism. If the jew-critical claim persists and its truth is irrefutable, jews eventually admit it in some deceitful, Talmudically complex way - just as they are now doing with the factual charge of Christian Deicide.

  • "Jews Admit Murdering Jesus Christ" by Michael Hoffman.
  • "Part I: Jesus and the Talmud" by Michael Hoffman II.
  • "Behind tonight's ABC Jesus special: News team bases report on virulently anti-Christian novel" by WorldNetDaily.com, November 3, 2003.

    October 9. "At least nine people were killed," reports NYT's Ian Fisher, because of the jewish (aka "neoconservative," "Straussian," "neo-Jacobin," etc.) instigated, manipulated and fabricated war against (and occupation of) Iraq. "A suicide bomber detonated an Oldsmobile — by chance, an American classic — in the crowd of policemen. At least nine people were killed, including the bomber. This was not the best day to trumpet America's accomplishments in these first six months."
  • "Iraq Math: Visible Gains Minus Losses," by Ian Fisher, New York Times.

    October 9. The "Ohio Civil Rights Commission" holds a press conference seeking a "cease and desist" order against the Vanguard News Network internet web site. The alleged "offense"? Posting an ad by job seeker (not an employer), Frank Gordon of Cleveland, in which Mr. Gordon mentions that he is White. Meanwhile, so-called "diversity job fairs" explicitly targeting non-Whites are held all over the country, including San Francisco, already one of the most "liberal," "diverse," "anti-Christian," and "anti-White" cities in the western world. (Merely one of SF's many Diversity Job Fairs, co-sponsored by the hate group NAACP, will be held at the San Francisco Airport Marriott, Oct. 23, 9AM-Noon, 1PM-4PM.) White job fairs? Illegal, according to jew-scripted "civil rights."

  • Jew-led black haters attack VNN.
  • Another "Diversity Job Fair" held in South San Francisco.
  • Here the "Spirit of Diversity" Job Fair in Detroit, Michigan.
    The jew-founded NAACP co-sponsors job fairs specfically designed to help employers hire based on race (as long as that race is non-White), but they file legal actions against both the unemployed Whites who list their race in their job-seeker ads and the websites that post the ads. Jews have legislated the Whites who founded America down to 3rd class citizens.

    October 11. The crackdown on the last bastion of free speech -- the internet -- takes a big step forward as four jewish websites are deemed "terrorist." "Four Internet Web sites operated by two extremist Jewish groups have been included by the State Department on its list of "foreign terrorist organizations" — the first time the list has been extended to include Internet sites... The four Web sites are: www.newkach.org, www.Kahane.org, www.Kahane.net and www.Kahanetzadak.com." Look for this treatment to descend on White Nationalist websites in America before long. Note how the word "racist" pops up in the Washington Times article. This is very significant. It is reasonable to assume they are starting with a racist-zionist violent Jew org to anesthetize Americans -- particularly race-conscious Whites -- to the signficance of the action. It is a clue to Jews not to object. Do not be surprised if the ACLU does not defend against this.

  • "4 Jewish Web sites deemed 'terrorist'" by Jerry Seper, Washington Times.

    October 17. Jewish senator Frank Lautenberg (D - NJ) introduces a resolution that (1) puts the U.S. Senate on record as repudiating the statements made about Jewish power by Malaysia's Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) Summit; and (2) asks President Bush, who will be traveling to Southeast Asia next week, to repudiate Dr. Mohamad's vile sentiments when the two participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, on October 20.
  • "Lautenberg introduces Senate resolution 247."

    October 24. For fear of the jews, the U.S. drops even the pretense of resistance to Israel's anti-Palestinian Wall of Hate. "Privately, US officials concede that with a US election one year away, the administration is unlikely to confront Israel over the [Wall of Hate] issue and alienate the powerful Jewish lobby... This week the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a non-binding, EU-backed resolution calling on Israel to halt construction. Only four countries voted against - the US, Israel, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands." This is what is meant by ZOG: so-called "American" politicians snubbing the rest of the world and making dangerously bad foreign policy decisions solely to please jews. Why do jewish interests take precedence over the interests of America and its various international allies? Because America's is a Zionist Occupied Government.
  • "US ends efforts to halt Israel's security wall" by Guy Dinmore in Washington, Financial Times, October 24, 2003.

    October 26. Ray Redfearin, Senior Pastor of The Ministry of the Church of the Sons of YHVH, and former influential member of Aryan Nations, passed away in his sleep at his residence in Dayton, Ohio. He was 52 years old. Pastor Redfearin dedicated his life to exposing the genocidal agenda of international jewry.

    October 28. Jewish senator Frank Lautenberg (D - NJ) is upset that America is not importing as many non-white "refugees" (like the African Somalis plaguing Lewiston, Maine) on an annual basis as policy permits. He authored an amendment to "correct" that "problem," i.e., to force the U.S. to fill its "refugee" roster to the brim by any means necessary. "'With thirteen million refugees world-wide, it is unconscionable that the U.S. cannot offer admission to the full number of individuals legally authorized,' said Senator Lautenberg. 'Political conflict and persecution have driven these people from their homes, and the U.S. is not doing all it is required to do to help. The doors of this country flew open when millions fled Eastern Europe for the same reasons fifty years ago. We must embrace our beliefs of tolerance and diversity and assist as many refugees we can.'" How many "diverse" refugees does jew Lautenberg's homeland Israel take in each year? Zero. In their own nation jews do not embrace refugees, they create them. Jews like Lautenberg wax poetic about "tolerance and diversity" for their host nations. But in their own nation jews murder, torture, bulldoze and plan to build a Wall of Hate to separate themselves from the Palestinians they turned into refugees.
  • "Lautenberg Refugee Resettlement Amendment Adopted by Senate."

    November 4. Violent, ineducable blacks and criminally present Spanish-only speaking illegal invaders are forced into white schools while Jesus is forced out. "In Texas, a U.S. District judge decreed that any student uttering the word 'Jesus' at his school's graduation would be arrested and locked up. 'And make no mistake,' announced Judge Samuel B. Kent, the court is going to have a United States marshal in attendance at the graduation. If any student offends this court, that student will be summarily arrested and will face up to six months incarceration in the Galveston County Jail for contempt of court." Jews have overthrown the America founded by liberty-loving white Christian men. The jewish regime in control of America hates white Europeans and have warred against Christianity since they murdered Christ.
  • "Exploding the myth of church-state separation...judicial hijacking of First Amendment," WorldNetDaily.com, November 4, 2003.

    November 9. The plan for the United Nations to run the internet has been shelved - for now. But the effort to crush the last bastion of intellectual freedom will continue. The freedom haters "argue that the internet is a public resource that should be managed by national governments and, at an international level, by an intergovernmental body such as the International Telecommunications Union, the UN agency that is organising the information summit." Of course this is just a tacked on ad hoc rationalization. The single goal of formalized internet "governance" is censorship of truth - truth about jews and their genocidal agenda. An anonymous VNN reader offered a hypothesis about the negative trends in internet user friendliness and the push to regulate it worldwide: "What is the jewish problem with the Internet? Simple, it's free. So, how can this problem be exploited? Simple, create heaps of spam, pop-ups, and porn, and flood the Internet with it until people are confounded. And then what do we have here? Ah, the solution! Semitically-correct for your consumption" (VNN Reader Mail, November 10, 2003).
  • "Plan for UN to run internet 'will be shelved'" by Frances Williams in Geneva, FT.com (Financial Times), November 9, 2003.

    November 11. Jewish mafia plagues South Africa. Johannesburg Police Senior Superintendent Chris Wilken "confirmed that an Israeli mafia is active in the country, according to a report published Tuesday by the South African Broadcasting Corporation... The comments come one day after the murder of Johannesburg socialite Hazel Crane, who was on her way to testify at the trial of Lior Saat, the Israeli man accused of murdering her estranged husband, Shai Avissar, in 1999. According to the SABC, both killings were the work of the mafia."
  • "South African police confirm existence of Israeli mafia" by Haaretz Service and agencies, Haaretz.com, November 11, 2003.

    November 11. The New York public school system seeks a total ban on Christmas Nativity displays in its schools. "At issue in the federal lawsuit filed last year by the Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is New York’s policy on religious displays, which prohibits public school displays of Christmas Nativity scenes, while at the same time encouraging the display of the Jewish Menorah and the Islamic star and crescent during their respective holidays." More here: "Pursuant to the policy, City schools display the Jewish Menorah and the Islamic star and crescent during Hanukkah and Ramadan, but not the Nativity scene during Christmas. One public school principal issued a memo encouraging teachers to bring to school 'religious symbols' that represent the Islamic and Jewish religions. No mention of Christianity was made in this memo. At times, teachers would have students make the Jewish Menorahs that would often adorn the halls of the schools as part of the 'authorized' displays. However, the students were not allowed to make and similarly display Nativity scenes. When a parent wrote to her son’s teacher to complain about this, the teacher responded by sending the parent a copy of the school’s 'Holiday Displays' policy."
  • "Birth of Jesus Denied By New York School System to Justify Ban on Christmas Nativity Displays," Thomas More Law Center, November 11, 2003.

    November 15. Istanbul, Turkey. Jews' race-cultist religion of hate reaps what it sows as at least 20 jews are killed and over 250 wounded when freedom fighters take out two synagogues. But could what at first looks like poetic justice actually be a MOSSAD orchestrated false-flag? Initial media reports already implicating Iran -- the next target on Israel's list of Mideast enemies -- in the attack suggests this possibility. "A radical Turkish Islamist group, widely believed to be backed by Iran, claimed responsibility, but Aksu said he doubted a local group could mount such a large-scale operation."
  • "Car Bombs Kill at Least 20 at Istanbul Synagogues," by Ayla Jean Yackley, Reuters, November 15, 2003.

    November 21. Israel admits it lied about a rocket attack on a Gaza refugee camp that killed 14 innocent Palestinian civilians. "A month ago, the [Israeli] air force launched an assassination strike against a[n alleged] Hamas activist who was [allegedly] driving through Nuseirat refugee camp. The Palestinians claimed that the attack caused a large number of civilian casualties.... The [Israeli] military said that Hellfire missiles were used, producing a concentrated explosion over a small area. Gen Halutz likened the effect of the missiles to 'two grenades'.... But the army now admits that it lied...the second rocket was not a Hellfire missile. The [Israeli] military refuses to identify the weapon used, on the grounds of "operational security". But the speculation is that it was an American-made Flechette, which is illegal under international law because it fires thousands of tiny darts over hundreds of metres, causing horrific injuries. Israel has used similar weapons in Gaza in the past.
  • "Israel admits it lied over missile raid on camp," by Chris McGreal in Jerusalem, The Guardian, Friday November 21, 2003.

    November 21. Jews: They'll shoot your kid in the face, jew you down to paying for less than half! the cost of shipping your child's comatose body back to you, and then the check they send you is bad! Bounces! Jews and their "shitty little country": a class act all the way. "A Defense Ministry check, sent...to the family of a International Solidarity Mission volunteer shot by an Israel Defense Forces soldier, bounced when the family tried to cash it earlier this week.... The check for 8,370 pounds was sent to the family of Tom Hurndall, who was seriously wounded after being shot in the head by a[n Israeli jew] soldier in the Rafah refugee camp. His family spent 17,000 pounds to take him home, and he has been hospitalized and connected to life-support machines ever since. A British court is slated to decide if he can be disconnected from the machinery, since his condition is irreversible.
  • "State sends bad check to peace activist shot by IDF," by Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondent, Friday November 21, 2003.

    November 21. Two Israeli national Jews Guy Halperin and Oren Sabag, both 30, charged with numerous counts of theft and counterfeiting in America. "Two Israeli nationals were arrested by Ocean City police early this week for allegedly spending counterfeit $100 bills at resort businesses. Police believe the men...were laundering the ‘funny money’ for someone in Israel or the Russian [euphemism for "Jewish"] mob and taking a cut of the proceeds for themselves.... Sabag had been in the United States since 2001 but his visa has expired. He had a Pennsylvania identification card that police believe is false. Halperin, who has ties to Rockville and Philadelphia, has a valid visa, a Maryland drivers license and a fake Rockville address.... Halperin makes frequent trips to Israel and was there from Oct. 20 to Nov. 6, 2003. 'Much like gypsies, they will hit and leave'."
  • "Israeli nationals charged with passing ‘funny’ money," by Rota L. Knott, Managing Editor, Ocean City Today, Friday November 21, 2003.

    November 24. Jew comic Jackie Mason affirms the impression many have of jews as being incapable of gratitude or shame, as he slurs Polish people. "Comedian Jackie Mason angered some Poles with a joke about anti-Semitism. 'Polish people hate the Jews; they just don't remember why,' Mason quipped on a New York radio show, the New York Daily News said. The Polish-American Congress' Anti-Bigotry Committee was not laughing, however. 'Not only did Poles save Jews more than anyone else, but because Poland was the only country in German-occupied Europe where the Nazis ordered death for doing it, more Poles were killed for saving Jews than anyone else,' said Frank Milewski, a member of the Polish group.
  • "Mason in Polish flap," JTA - Global Jewish News, November 24, 2003.

    November 25. DETROIT, Michigan - Jews continue hunting and persecuting geriatric old men who were unfortunate enough to be on the losing side of WWII. "A federal immigration judge has given the government permission to deport a former Nazi concentration camp guard. Immigration Judge Larry Dean granted the government's request to deport Johann Leprich in a ruling issued Friday. The 78-year-old retired machinist will be deported to his native Romania, or Germany or Hungary." When is the last time a jewish commissar or gulag guard was hunted, deported, or punished? One standard for jewish war criminals, another standard for everyone else.
  • "Judge OKs Deportation of Ex-Nazi Guard," Associated Press, November 25, 2003.

    December 3. Christ-hating jews will whine and cry, so a public library puts a preemptive kibosh on Christ paintings. "Meriden Public Library officials will not allow local artist Mary Morley's paintings of Jesus in its gallery. 'I worked so hard on this,' said Morley, who has been on the library gallery waiting list for a year. But when it came time for her show, titled 'Visions, Hopes and Dreams,' library officials said no to five of Morley's images. 'When it came to anything with Jesus in it, they wouldn't allow it,' she said. The show could go on as scheduled, library administrators told her, just without the images of Jesus."
  • "Officials say local artist's artwork would cause too much upset, outcry" by Hannah C. Glover, Record-Journal staff, December 3, 2003.

    December 5. Shlomo Braun, a former senior Israeli military intelligence official, asserted that Israel's "spy agencies were a "full partner" to the United States and Britain in producing flawed prewar assessments of Iraq's ability to mount attacks with weapons of mass destruction." group.
  • "Ex-General Says Israel Inflated Iraqi Threat" by Laura King, LA Times Staff Writer, LA Times, December 5, 2003.
  • "Israel accused over dud Saddam reports" by Justin Huggler in Jerusalem, December 6, 2003.

    December 5. LILLE, France - Rabbi cries and takes two schoolgirls -- ages 14 and 15 -- to court for calling him names. "Two teenage schoolgirls in France are to be taken to court after a senior Jewish leader, rabbi Elie Dahan, complained they had aimed racist insults at him in the street, court officials and the rabbi told AFP Friday...Dahan lodged a police report and demanded the girls be taken to court. 'They refused to apologise to me. Given the seriousness of what happened, I decided to start legal action,' he said."
  • "Schoolgirls face court over rabbi insult" © AFP, Expatica.com, December 5, 2003.

    December 5. University of Louisville hosts "Diversity Lecture" with notoriously anti-white black racist and rap star, Sister Souljah. Here is a taste of Ms. Souljah's black activist wisdom: "If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people." (R.W. Apple "Jackson Sees ‘Character Flaw’ in Clinton’s Remarks on Racism, New York Times, June 19, 1992.) Univ. of Louisville paid this racist hater a $10,000 speaker fee. The Ku Klux Klan's demand for equal time has been rejected. This is what is meant by AmeriKwa: If you're a black racist, you get paid to speak to college students, but if you're pro-white, you can't even speak at universities for FREE! More proof that "diversity" means "anti-white."
  • "UofL forum defends activist: Sister Souljah's speech also spurs request by KKK" by Deborah Yetter, The Courier-Journal, December 5, 2003.

    December 5. Jewish professor at Indiana University demands -- and gets -- removal of Christmas tree. "Law Professor Florence Roisman was the first to complain about the original tree. Even undecorated, she said, it was a symbol of Christianity on government property. 'The tree is placed there to celebrate a Christian holiday -- it is not put there in the middle of summer,' said Roisman, who is Jewish. 'To honor one religion and not honor others is exclusionary. This is unacceptable at a place that presents itself as inclusive of all people.' The question arises: If jews don't like the traditions of the Christian nation that has so tolerated them, then why don't they go to Israel, their explicitly, exclusively jewish nation? If a Christmas tree makes jewess Roisman feel "excluded," maybe she should get some psychiatric help to deal with her feelings of inadequacy and intolerance. Jewess Roisman is anti-Christian and an intolerant bigot. But in the jewish tyranny of AmeriKwa, those terms only apply to Whites who oppose any element of the jewish agenda.
  • "Tree display vexes law school" by John Tuohy, Indystar.com, December 5, 2003.

    December 6. CAIRO, Egypt - "The Alexandria Library has withdrawn the first Arabic translation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion from an exhibit after U.N. cultural officials questioned the display of the 19th century anti-Semitic tract." Anything critical of Jews and their history of predation is pressured out of public space, if not outright outlawed.
  • "Egypt Library Removes Anti-Semitic Tract" by Nadia Abou El-Magd, December 6, 2003.

    December 10. "American" jew opinion-makers like the New York Times columnist William Safire attack Russia's Vladimir Putin for having the audacity to crack down on the jewish oligarchs raping Russia. Consider jew Safire's "The Russian Reversion," in which he writes: "What is there to be done? The Group of Eight industrial democracies should have no place for authoritarian Russia. France and Germany are now misled by elected leaders who are anti-American and hypocritical in trying to take over Europe, but they are democracies whose people are capable of changing administrations. Russia is demonstrating it is not." What jew Safire means is this: "The Group of Eight industrial countries should have no place for a nation that defies Jewish Power. France and Germany are now misled by elected leaders who actually represent the will of their respective populations and are therefore anti-American and anti-Israeli. But because France and Germany are 'democracies,' we can with effort eventually bring them under the Jewish boot using the guise of 'democratic change.' We are unlikely to be able to do this with Russia. All nations will kneel before God's Chosen Parasites or they will be destroyed!"
  • "The Russian Reversion" by William Safire, New York Times, December 10, 2003.

    December 10-11. Comedy Central's "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn" pumps vicious, explicitly jewish anti-white propaganda two nights in a row to its predominately white, college-age male audience.
    Dec. 10 episode: The first segment called "Trouble's Hebrewing" is about tire slashings and "anti-semitic" graffiti in some jewish Bronx neighborhood. Judy Gold and Susie Essman whine about how as long as jews have existed there's been some paranoid group to hate them. They rattle off the usual reason: Jealousy of jewish success and community. When Quinn pushes that jews should at least stop pretending they do not dominate the entertainment industry, predictably jewess Gold does not take a liberal line about inequal representation reflecting racism, but rather says "there are some industries that some groups of people naturally excel in!" The jewess Gold, a classic jewish racist, says other groups should simply do what jews have done to get ahead, neglecting to mention that her group denies other groups the right to do just that -- except when it is using a "minority" as a tool to destroy an even more powerful competitor, such as Aryans. Gold and her jews denounce any White self-consciousness as "hate." Jewesses Essman sarcastically tells the audience to "keep blaming jews while the real enemy -- WASPS -- set races, classes, sexes against each other while they laugh and count their money." Then jewess Gold is back rattling off a list of supposed jewish blessings delivered unto America and Europe in the form of hebrew geniuses: Freud, Einstein, Salk, Spielberg...on and on and on...
    Dec. 11 episode: Jew Rich Voss explicitly says, "Jews don't run the country, WASPS do." Then he goes into a roll-call of the wonders jews have shared with the world. He said that jew doctors have cured more diseases than anyone else, jews have won more nobel prizes than anyone else...on and on. He also said that jews "helped found" the NAACP and "marched right alongside the negroes" and that "God likes them best." This was in response to the closing riffs in which each of the comics was supposed to say something funny about their ethnic group. The black, Italian and Vietnamese comics all made some teasingly disparaging comments about their group. Only jew Voss used it as an opportunity to soapbox about jew greatness and their unfair persecution for the crimes of WASPS. Two days in a row two different jews have claimed that WASPs control the country. If you claim that jews control the media, you're an anti-Semite. There seems to be a "special" standard for jews and their kooky conspiracy theories.

    December 13. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Jews ruin the honoring of a U.S. Navy hero Rear Adm. John Crommelin by whining about and pathologizing his reality-based political perspective, which they of course smear as "anti-Semitic." "When Crommelin was inducted posthumously into the Alabama Military Hall of Honor recently, memories of his military career were followed by denunciations of the virulent anti-Semitism that marked his postwar politics... But detractors say Crommelin's induction into a state-supported hall was an insult to those who still remember his hate talk of the 1950s and '60s, which included claims that a "communist-Jewish conspiracy" was behind racial integration and that Gov. George C. Wallace - who at the time vowed "segregation forever" - was too soft on blacks." No matter what you do for your country, no matter how many medals you win, battles you fight, or times you risk your life, you never, ever earn the right to your own opinion if that opinion crosses jewish interests. Whether you are Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, or a dirt poor average Joe, if you are racially conscious and overtly resist the jews' racist agenda you will be smeared, demonized and portrayed by the mythically "free" media as someone out of your mind and not to be taken seriously.
  • "Honor for Navy hero stirs outrage over his anti-Semitic politics" by Jay Reeves, Associated Press Writer, December 13, 2003.

    December 19. Jews are racial supremacist haters of all non-Jews, as Rabbi Saadya Grama makes clear in his rabidly anti-gentile book, published in Hebrew under the title "Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut." Jew Grama writes: "The difference between the people of Israel and the nations of the world is an essential one. The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy, by his source and in his very essence is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species."
  • "Charedi Rabbis Rush To Disavow Anti-Gentile Book" by Allan Nadler, Forward, December 19, 2003.

    December 23. Two of America's biggest non-Jewish media barons are central to the jewish "neocons." Here we find in addition to the well-known links to Richard Perle, that George Will and Bill Buckley are on jew Conrad Black's payroll.
  • "Citizen Conrad's Friends" by Paul Krugman, New York Times, December 23, 2003.

    December 24. Though the majority of Americans want all immigration halted and illegal invaders deported, President George W. Bush caters to the wishes of the pro-open borders jewish minority: "President Bush plans to kick off his reelection year by proposing a program that would make it easier for immigrants to work legally in the United States, in what would constitute the most significant changes to immigration law in 18 years, Republican officials said yesterday. Lobbyists working with the White House said Bush is developing a plan that would allow immigrants to cross the border legally if jobs are waiting for them."
  • "Immigration Reform on Bush Agenda" by Mike Allen, Washington Post Staff Writer, Wednesday, December 24, 2003; Page A01.

    December 25. ISRAEL/PALESTINE - Merry Christmas! If The Three Kings came to Jerusalem today, they'd run into Israel's Wall of Hate.

    December. Jews murdered Christ and they continue to murder his memory. Part of this is their killing of Christmas with death by a thousand cuts. Here are a few of those cuts:
  • "Town Says 'No' to Nativity Scene, 'Yes' to Menorah," Fox News (Thurs, December 18, 2003). "PALM BEACH, Fla. — The town of Palm Beach, Fla., told a federal judge Thursday that he has no authority to demand that they come up with a good reason why Jesus Christ in a manger should not be displayed next to a Jewish menorah on public property."
  • "Christian References a No-No at Public Schools," Fox News (Weds, December 24, 2003). “A New York City school allowed a Hanukkah menorah and the star and crescent of Islam to be displayed on school property as historic symbols, but banned a nativity scene because it was deemed religious.”
  • "'Mr. Christmas' Pulls Plug on Display," Fox News (Tues, December 23, 2003). “Mervin Whipple, known as ‘Mr. Christmas’ to locals, has decided to pull the plug on his brilliant, gigantic holiday light display that once lured viewers from across the nation. . . . ‘It's a changed world,’ Whipple said while fighting back tears. ‘The spirit of Christmas is gone.’”
  • "Bush, Jewish leaders meet," CNN (Tues, December 23, 2003). “At a menorah lighting ceremony at the White House, President Bush prayed for Americans serving in the U.S. armed forces and expressed his hope that all people who live under oppression will one day be free.” What an irony after the above links and 99.9% of the U.S. soldiers are not Jewish!
  • Christmas-Hating Jew Caught After Three Week Rampage. "He said running over the Christmas ornaments is fun," said Detective Sgt. Thomas Groneman. "Some people spent days and weeks decorating their lawns, and in seconds he destroyed their hard work." Four reports on this case:
    --"Suspected Christmas Vandal Nabbed," Associated Press (Tues, December 23, 2003)
    --"Bah! Humbug stings on L.I.," by Richard Weir, New York Daily News (Tues, December 23, 2003)
    --"Teen arrested for destroying Christmas decorations," Aberdeennews.com (Tues, December 23, 2003)

    December 31. Jew leaders cheated on IQ test. "Members of the Israeli parliament finished in the middle of the pack in a televised IQ test against groups like models and lawyers - and that was after they cheated." This is not unexpected. "The image of Israel's parliament has suffered in recent years because of scandals, investigations and questionable election practices... The present group, elected this year, has scaled new heights, with several members facing police inquiries for voting twice on a budget bill, another for bribery during a primary campaign, and prime minister and his son - also a member of parliament - under investigation for election irregularities." ("Israeli MPs 'cheated on IQ test'," by correspondents in Jerusalem, London Daily Telegraph, December 31, 2003)

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