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31 March, 2009

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He’s the newest VNN artist. We had other artists, but they disappeared to places unknown. (Brutus previously posted his work on the VNN Forum):

31 March, 2009

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Don’t think that a Hasidic kike should be in the sheriff’s dept? YOU HATE-CRIMINAL! Let’s talk about something….something ugly, something vile, something evil, something ruining the poor misunderstood non-white races…that something is…. HATE! Join me and guests as we spew antisemitism from deep within our hateful lungs! Eye For Knowledge will start at 7:30pm est, […]

30 March, 2009

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“It’s all part of the plan,” says Jewish media mogul Hymie Hooknose. “Not only do we wreck the current White culture, but we also erase the former White culture.” That leaves White people in a state of alienation and confusion – sort of like how a man would feel after waking up from a 40-year […]

29 March, 2009

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Guess. “Then the sadness turns to anger. And then rage. For I now know it’s the jew that’s stolen our people’s prosperity and promise of a better life. Many here haven’t any idea what’s been taken from them and their families. I’ll stick around and tell them. If I can paint a picture that is […]

29 March, 2009

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Of course the Heretical Two haven’t gotten any mainstream media attention. That might bring them sympathy from free-speech supporters. It might make them martyrs. Can’t have that: [Article].

29 March, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. “I received many positive responses to my article ‘Memories of Madison: My life in the New Left’ — quite a few from people who went through similar experiences. I hope that some of these people would write up their experiences. They are very valuable as a firsthand account of history. […]

29 March, 2009

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by Arch Stanton. Most Americans are political twits and thus have almost no idea about what is going on politically other than what the media tells them. For this reason many Americans view Obama like this: The Chinese have a different view however. Being more politically and economically savvy, they have purchased a large financial […]

28 March, 2009

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Another Jew is accused of swindling people out of millions of dollars: [Article]. More: [Here].

28 March, 2009

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Well, as a matter of fact… (note: this seems to be a year old): [Article].

27 March, 2009

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here].