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25 April, 2022

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(Above: the countries shown in white weren’t invaded by England). (Disclaimer: 1) this post obviously doesn’t apply to all Brits; 2) I’m 90% Brit, by DNA, myself). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not only have the British started more wars (historically) than any other country, but, the situation is much worse than that. Consider: the British started both WWI […]

24 April, 2022

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Carolyn Yeager, on WWI Germany and Britain: “Only honorable people believe that other people will be honorable.” Yes!!! The Germans, being honorable people, and somewhat naive as well, thought that the British would also be honorable. Nope! The Brits were lying, sneaky weasels. At 41:00: [Radio interview].

13 March, 2011

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[…] “It’s a gross generalization, but the British style is obsessed with how one looks to others – the seeming – the German style is concerned with the interior, the quality, the BEING. This is what makes German culture superior to British culture in pretty much any field you care to look at, but just […]