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29 October, 2012

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Keeper of the Flame (1942) Director: George Cukor Screenwriter: Donald Ogden Stewart ¬†Reviewed by: N.B. Forrest I saw this flick last night for the first time, and I felt moved to put fingers to plastic. It stars Spencer Tracy & Katherine “Pep-ridge Fahm” Hepburn, and is about Robert Forrest, a big national hero who dies […]

18 December, 2009

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“FIREFLY,”¬† WN Sci-Fi reviewed by Stephen Clark ‘Take my love/take my land/ take me where I cannot stand/ Burn the land/ boil the sea/ you cannot take the sky from me.’ This was the opening theme to FIREFLY, a boot camp/cowboy song with fiddles and guitars instead of electronic music. In 2002, FIREFLY was a […]