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6 April, 2022

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“They Live” (1988; science fiction); starring Roddy Piper. (go widescreen to end small box pop-up) [Video; 1 hour, 34 minutes].

9 February, 2022

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Newbies, these are “Red Scare”-era movies. Despite what the liberals say, the Red Scare was very real. There were, in fact, hundreds of communists inside many areas of the U.S. government, and in Hollywood and in the labor unions. Presidents F.D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman both knew about the communist infiltration of America but they […]

4 December, 2021

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The Searchers (1956); starring John Wayne. Want to watch a movie that has everything going for it? This is it: it has action, adventure, romance, tragedy, bravery, great scenery, a great director, and White pride. It’s hard to find a more-complete movie than The Searchers. [Movie; 1 hour, 54 minutes; must be in full-screen mode […]

24 August, 2021

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“The Lady and the Duke” (2001); in French with English subtitles. This is a good movie about the French Revolution (1789-1799), which I have posted about before. Filmed in a unique way, this movie documents the “first communist revolution in history” (i.e., leftists overthrew and murdered the king and queen of France thanks largely to […]

24 June, 2021

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“Sometimes a Great Notion” (1971); starring Paul Newman, Lee Remick and Henry Fonda. Directed by Newman (who was a half-Jew). Not a bad movie, but not a masterpiece either. But better than most newer movies; let’s face it, newer movies suck. Anything filmed after 1975 pretty much sucks rocks. All of the art went out […]

23 June, 2021

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“The Crew” (1994); starring Viggo Mortensen. In this movie, a conservative White guy (played by Mortensen) commits cardinal sins: 1) he calls an illegal alien/Brown woman a “wetback”; he calls a tranny a “faggot”; and he later shoots the tranny dead. Warning: the tranny has breasts. Yes, tits. So, this movie could not have been […]

18 June, 2021

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Tess (1979), directed by the Polish Jew, Roman Polanski, who is actually a good director. Based on the Thomas Hardy novel “Tess of the d’Urbervilles.” [Movie, 3 hours].

18 May, 2021

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Woman #1: “OMG! My husband is going to kill me because I’m a worthless, uppity feminist!” Woman #2: “OMG! How dare that horrible Neanderthal husband kill you! You are in danger! You must flee Stepford!” Woman #1: “Yes! I will flee! I refuse to cook and clean! I’m a liberated woman! Damn those evil men!” […]

12 May, 2021

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“The Seventh Seal” (1957); starring Max von Sydow; Swedish with English subtitles. This movie takes place during the Black Plague in Europe, circa 1350. It was kinda like Covid-19, only it was a real disease, not a fake one. (If a small box appears on the screen, select “full/wide screen” to avoid it). [Video; 1 […]

2 May, 2021

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On paper, the Jews seem to be very smart and creative. But are they really? Or do they just have a talent for gaming the system and for being in the right place at the right time, or, knowing the right people? I’ve often wondered that. Which is the truth? I know that Jews help […]