9 February, 2022

Two Old Movies About Communism

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Newbies, these are “Red Scare”-era movies. Despite what the liberals say, the Red Scare was very real. There were, in fact, hundreds of communists inside many areas of the U.S. government, and in Hollywood and in the labor unions. Presidents F.D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman both knew about the communist infiltration of America but they did nothing about it. That’s treason. In fact, they aided the communists by not only doing nothing, but by promoting the communists to powerful positions within the U.S. government (e.g., Harry “The Hop” Hopkins, who was called “the second president” due to his awesome power within the Roosevelt administration; Hopkins was good friends with Soviet mass-murderer Joe Stalin!).

The truth is: America came very close to being communized circa 1945/1946. But few people knew it then. Then HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) and Joe McCarthy came along, and the media and Hollywood smeared them so badly that their anti-communist efforts were only partially successful. (At first, HUAC investigated both fascist and communist subversion. Get this: from 1934–1937, the Jewish congressman and Soviet spy, Rep. Samuel Dickstein [D-NY], chaired HUAC! Yes! Shocking. Jews in the government = big trouble, every time. After 1938, HUAC switched directions and focused mainly on the real menace to America, communism. HUAC was renamed in 1969 and it ended in 1975. But HUAC needs to be reformed today, to focus on the insidious Cultural Marxism that currently menaces America on all fronts: government, education, media, Hollywood. In some ways, Cultural Marxism is even more dangerous than regular communism. It’s easier to “sell” to the public; even churches practice CM today! Yep. Your Pastor Jones and your Rev. Smith are commies. So is your Aunt Martha…I saw her reading Che…and to think, she seemed so nice…).

“The Woman on Pier 13” (1949), aka, “I Married a Communist” [Here].

“The Red Menace” (also from 1949; one of the characters is a Jew named Henry Solomon) [Here].

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