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25 April, 2022

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Video: “The War On Western Culture” with Douglas Murray & Jordan Peterson. Yes. “Racism” was NOT the guiding force of Western culture. It was only a small part of it. And: What?? “Marxism is also a branch of Western thought”?? Nope! Karl Marx was a Jew, and Jews, being non-White people by DNA, are not […]

21 April, 2022

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Ever notice how the UN and its armed brother, NATO, never ask the citizens what they want? They never say, “hey, citizens, do you want X or Y”? The UN is “Cultural Marxism posing as global democracy.” We citizens never get to vote on any UN ideas. Did you get to vote on any UN […]

15 April, 2022

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Proving that Marxism and socialism are ridiculous in one easy summary. Marxism/socialism says: “You, Mr. Citizen, are not capable of controlling your own destiny, but government bureaucrats are.” To put it another way: Marxism/socialism says, “robotic government flunkies have the final word on everything in your life and you’re lucky that they do!” (How arrogant! […]

9 April, 2022

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Seen today: 4 or 5 articles on “conservative” websites expressing concern about the “gender”/”transgender” madness. And rightly so. It’s getting ridiculous. The entire political Right needs to get unified on this issue. How? Simple. Use this podcast, which tells the listener, step-by-step, how today’s “gender”/”transgender” madness is actually Marxism (it’s “gender Marxism or sexual Marxism, […]

4 April, 2022

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I disagree with this guy about Marxism in one way: it wasn’t about economics or property per se. All of the “liberation” movements that were pioneered by ethnic Jews (e.g., communism, socialism, feminism, homosexual rights, labor unionism, etc.) were not liberation movements. They only seemed like liberation movements. They were actually adversarial movements designed to […]

1 April, 2022

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On May 10, 1933, the Nazis (i.e., members of the German Student Union) held a big, public book-burning at Bebelplatz, a large square in Berlin. About 20,000 books were burned. Among the books burned were works by Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx (the father of communism), Rosa Luxemburg (a communist) and August Bebel (a left-wing socialist). […]

31 March, 2022

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If something works, you don’t have to keep “updating” it, do you? Nope. It’s only when it doesn’t work that you need to keep “re-inventing” it. Now, PC has gone corporate!! Soon it will be canceling all corporations that aren’t “woke” enough. Later, entire countries will be canceled: “Sorry, Hungary, but your order of 50,000 […]

21 March, 2022

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Digital Marxism: think “Trotsky with a smartphone” (“Bolshevism?? Sure, we have an app for that!”). “The journey takes us back to 2019. Zelensky had only been a few months in office, and founded a “Ministry for Digital Transformation”. Its most important task was to create a platform for the “state on a smartphone”, the DiiA […]

21 March, 2022

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Oh, dear: sometimes a woman isn’t a woman after all! What a scandal! (Which is exactly what the Left wants: endless conflict. This destabilizes White society. A leftist maxim: “there must always be tension and conflict in society.” That of course takes a page from Karl Marx himself: change via constant conflict. In other words, […]

18 March, 2022

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I frequently focus on newbies, since oldbies already know. I learned that from Dr. William Pierce, who always posed things in a way in which the newbie could easily grasp them. (A great example of that is Pierce’s ADV broadcast/essay “How It Fits Together” which is a must-read). Recall about two weeks ago, when I […]