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15 April, 2022

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Proving that Marxism and socialism are ridiculous in one easy summary. Marxism/socialism says: “You, Mr. Citizen, are not capable of controlling your own destiny, but government bureaucrats are.” To put it another way: Marxism/socialism says, “robotic government flunkies have the final word on everything in your life and you’re lucky that they do!” (How arrogant! […]

9 April, 2022

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In the 1930s, liberals in America knew that the Soviet Union had murdered millions of people. Yes, millions. But the liberals said nothing about the murders publicly. They were silent. Why? Because liberals have no morals. They were born without morals. Read about Soviet apologist Walter Duranty, for example: [Here]. Same thing today. They have […]

2 April, 2022

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“Talk about that regime today and you’re talking about Communism. Actually, it’s even worse than that. The Soviets, once the more radical Jews there were out of power, didn’t do everything they could to stop their own citizens from reproducing. They didn’t tell their citizens that men can be women and women can be men […]

15 March, 2022

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Here’s some interesting American history for the newbies. Somebody high in the pecking order advised Dr. Revilo Oliver back in 1960: “So why don’t you give up the speaking, the worrying about the Jews, and get back to your business, which is scholarship? …There are only ten years left at most before the occupation of […]

13 March, 2022

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…they ask for some water. Why? Because it’s free! (rimshot). Where do you send Jewish kids with Attention Deficit Disorder? To a concentration camp! (rimshot). How was copper wire invented? Two Jews were fighting over a penny! (rimshot). When you’re talking about the Left, you’re really talking about the Judeo-Left, since so many powerful leftists […]

12 March, 2022

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“The Soviet communists admit that they used Hitler to unleash a war in Europe, and prepared a sudden blow at Hitler himself in order to seize a Europe which had been destroyed by him.” — Viktor Suvorov, in his 1988 book “Icebreaker” (first published in France in 1988 and in Britain in 1990). Perspective is […]

12 March, 2022

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The EU (European Union) tells Poland and Hungary: “embrace the global queer agenda, or no more money!” The EU must be disbanded. Here’s why: all countries have natural sovereignty (or they did until about 30 years ago). They and they alone control what happens inside each of their countries. What’s the difference between the EU […]

10 March, 2022

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In the early Soviet Union, parents did not “own” their children, according to Marxist doctrine. Indeed, that’s what the Soviet Komsomol (youth league) was for: to “separate” the children from their parents. Children were taught to see the Communist Party as “their parents.” The state “owned” the children, for all practical purposes. Parents were just […]

8 March, 2022

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Marxism (aka, communism) cannot work because it goes against human nature. Marxism says that it can overcome human biology, IQ, ability and ambition. It says that it can create a new type of man: a one-size-fits-all robot [1]. No, it can’t. It tried to in the Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Cuba, etc. It failed […]

10 February, 2022

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“The Secret Behind Communism” by Dr. David Duke [1]. “Despite Solzhenitsyn’s efforts – and those of many others, including Frank Britton (some of his excellent work and research is included in this volume) – the truth about the Jewish supremacist role in the creation, execution and maintenance of world Communism, and the “Russian” Revolution in […]