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10 March, 2022

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In the early Soviet Union, parents did not “own” their children, according to Marxist doctrine. Indeed, that’s what the Soviet Komsomol (youth league) was for: to “separate” the children from their parents. Children were taught to see the Communist Party as “their parents.” The state “owned” the children, for all practical purposes. Parents were just […]

27 October, 2021

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Robin, the Boy Wonder: “Holy estrogen, Batman! A brilliant woman discovered the Double Helix (DNA), but Evil White Men stole all the credit for it! Those Evil White Men are always doing that: stealing important things from innocent women, innocent Jews and innocent midgets! How dare they!” Batman: “Robin, have you forgotten that I’m a […]

12 July, 2021

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When will this end? It won’t end. It’ll keep going and going. And then they’ll find other White things to destroy. Because liberalism is all about destroying. Liberalism does not build anything. It only tears down. “Tear down evil Western culture!” has been the Jewish/liberal motto since WWII. (There’s nothing evil about Western culture. In […]

2 July, 2021

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The “anti-racism”/”woke” movement was designed for Whites in general but White women in particular, because they buy into it more easily than White men do: “Ohhh, the poor Black felons! Those mean White cops just won’t leave them alone! Ohhh, such racism! Such hate!” For example, look at any photo of a BLM protest: most […]

29 June, 2021

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Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are working hard to tear down White Western culture. The most successful culture in history. How is tearing down White Western culture “social justice”? How is dismantling the greatest culture ever created by mankind a good thing? Ponder that. That’s akin to searching out the greatest scientist on the planet and […]

21 June, 2021

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How to make “woke” ideology: Ingredients: — Jews (any anti-White movement must have thousands of Jews leading the effort, mostly in the media) — a hatred of all things White — Marxism — Critical Theory (Frankfurt School-style) — postmodernism (i.e. postmodern philosophy) — identity politics — young, White, liberal women (they hate White culture) — […]

15 June, 2021

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. One take-away from this article: America’s universities must be completely defunded until they stop pushing/supporting leftist and Marxist propaganda and return to educating young people. “Given the obsession with “systemic White racism,” it’s not at all surprising that enterprising non-Whites can make a career out of their supposed oppression. A very […]

15 June, 2021

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Politics. Healthcare. Sports. Food. Drink. Everything under the sun is now closely scrutinized for any elements of Whiteness. “There’s some Whiteness! Run! Hide!” It’s a “full court press” against White Western culture. “Whiteness must be stamped out everywhere, before it’s too late!” (because notice the urgency in anti-Whiteness. Why so urgent??) You’d think that White […]

13 June, 2021

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(Above: under the de-Nazification program, German women were forced to carry the putrefying body of a dead Jew for re-burial. The odor must have been staggering. The Jew was likely a subversive: a Marxist, a socialist, etc. De-Nazification was pure get-evenism, pure ethnic revenge, and nothing more. “How dare those White men oppress God’s Chosen […]

7 May, 2021

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The hot phrase today is “systemic racism” which, according to the Judeo-Left, is found everywhere: in the schools, in the workplaces, on the TV, in your church, even in your pantry behind the oatmeal (better check that. White racism could be lurking there! OMG!). Do a web search. The phrase “systemic racism” delivers over 10 […]