27 October, 2021

A James Watson Redux, or, All White Heroes Must Be DeHeroed

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Robin, the Boy Wonder: “Holy estrogen, Batman! A brilliant woman discovered the Double Helix (DNA), but Evil White Men stole all the credit for it! Those Evil White Men are always doing that: stealing important things from innocent women, innocent Jews and innocent midgets! How dare they!”

Batman: “Robin, have you forgotten that I’m a White man?”

Robin: “Oh. Yeah. Sorry, Batman.”


Actually, the reverse is true [1].

Is there a more-hated scientist on the planet than the brilliant Dr. James Watson? Nope. Because he once “belittled” Blacks and he had the colossal nerve to discover a very important (and race-related) human molecule while being a White male [2]. Those are “crimes” today.

Dr. Watson (who was on the faculty at Harvard University back when it wasn’t easy to get onto the faculty at Harvard, i.e., in 1956) was blacklisted at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York (where he was director, president and chancellor) because he told the truth about negroes and IQ (in 2007, he said that IQ is genetic, which it is).

Anyway, parts of this article are funny: (referring to female scientist Rosalind Franklin): “Franklin ‘was too obsessive and took everything too personally…'” Duh. Women are infamous for taking things too personally. For example, if you say something negative about “women in general” then your girlfriend thinks you’re talking about her alone. Women “read things” into the conversation that don’t exist.

Big money says Miss Franklin wasn’t the female genius that the anti-Watsons want her to be, try as they might. Big money says that Dr. Watson, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist (back when Nobel Prizes weren’t given out like candy on Halloween), could have found the Double Helix without looking at Franklin’s data. Franklin, a Jewess, frequently clashed with others and had a reputation for being difficult to work with.

Markel, the author of the book-in-question (titled “The Secret of Life”) about Watson, Franklin and DNA, is a Jewish professor in Michigan.

An important quote from the article (bold text is mine): “Markel told me a big part of his inspiration for writing The Secret of Life were his two daughters, Samantha, 16, and Bess, 21, who had long been after him to write about Franklin.” (Ahh, I might have guessed).



[1] White men invent, and everyone else steals from them. For example, look at “Einstein’s” E=MC2 theory. A White man, Olinto De Pretto, discovered it. But Einstein found it and ran with it.

[2] DNA can determine race via a blood drop, e.g., if a murder suspect is a negro, and a drop of blood found at the murder scene is not the victim’s and is fresh, then a “bioassay” can reveal if the blood came from a Black person, which of course narrows the field of suspects and helps solve crimes in that way.

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