13 June, 2021

Coming Soon: a Global Version of DeNazification

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(Above: under the de-Nazification program, German women were forced to carry the putrefying body of a dead Jew for re-burial. The odor must have been staggering. The Jew was likely a subversive: a Marxist, a socialist, etc. De-Nazification was pure get-evenism, pure ethnic revenge, and nothing more. “How dare those White men oppress God’s Chosen People! They’ll pay for that!” Indeed, the main architect of the Nuremberg Tribunal was a Jew, U.S. Army Colonel Murray C. Bernays [1894-1970]. Another Jew, U.S. Army Colonel David “Mickey” Marcus [1901-1948], was chief of the U.S. Army’s War Crimes Division and personally selected the judges and prosecutors for the Nuremberg Tribunal).

After WWII ended, the “allies” engaged in a huge effort to erase all facets of Nazi ideology and symbolism from German society. This was known as “de-Nazification.” It was a giant brainwashing program aimed at all German citizens. It was designed to make the Germans feel ashamed of their past.

Similarly, all White countries will soon be subjected to ongoing, concerted racial indoctrination and guilt-tripping (in fact they already are: just watch movies and TV shows). The White citizens will be taught to be ashamed of their history regarding the Indians, slavery, racism (and also sexism, homophobia, etc.). “White history = bad. Black and Brown history = good.” This is merely an extension of Jewish anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss’ “White culture is bad, Brown culture is good” ideology. (Trivia: guess who built the de-Nazification program? Four Jews can be credited with creating the program: Hans Habe, a Hungarian immigrant who was trained at the Jewish-filled Camp Sharpe [aka “Camp Shapiro”] in Pennsylvania and who controlled the post-war German press; and the Frankfurt School subversives Herbert Marcuse, Franz Neumann and Otto Kirchheimer, who were Marxists. Strangely, Nazism was treated as a “dangerous sickness” but Soviet communism, which was much more extreme and murderous, wasn’t treated as a dangerous sickness — in fact, the Soviets were our “allies” in WWII! Freaky, itz!).

“It’s not enough that statues to our heroes are torn down and that even the dead are dug up (like N.B. Forrest). Instead, presumably every part of America will have little monuments meant to disgrace white Americans.”


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