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8 April, 2022

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Interesting. A Black (mulatto?) guy saying “White racism: what’s the big deal?” That’s correct. No big deal. Blacks in general fail to realize that, by obsessing over nearly-gone “White racism” they are actually making White people dislike them even more. If Blacks would just shut up about racism-racism-racism, that would lessen “White racism.” As for […]

31 January, 2022

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I’ve been a Republican for decades and the very idea that I’m a racist is offensive to me. I don’t play favorites when it comes to race. I hate niggers, chinks, wetbacks and kikes with equal enthusiasm. I also hate queers, trannies, retards, midgets, Freemasons, vegetarians and fat people. You see, I don’t play favorites. […]

13 January, 2022

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Blacks in 1860: “America is an unfair, racist country!” Blacks in 1960: “America is an unfair, racist country!” Blacks in 2060: “America is an unfair, racist country!” Blacks in 3060: “America is an unfair, racist country!” Get the trend? As long as there are any White people in America, it will always be “an unfair, […]

1 January, 2022

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Not only that, but White racism against Blacks is a “health crisis” too! (Maybe if Blacks stopped taking illegal drugs and shooting each other with stolen guns, they’d be healthier?). Isn’t it odd that, as America becomes less and less racist, the liberals and Jews actually find more racism? How does that happen? [1]. Only […]

31 December, 2021

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Jews were the first people on earth to claim superiority over all other humans, as their official doctrine, back before the time of Christ, who was born circa 2 BC, according to the narrative at least. The Jews were the world’s first official racists — so how odd that they are now “the monitors and […]

13 June, 2021

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Race: for a “social construct” that “doesn’t matter,” people sure obsess over it! Like, every day! “If Harvard were to abandon race-conscious admissions, African-American and Hispanic representation would decline by nearly half,” the school told the court in urging it to stay out of the case.” OMG! But that’s an easy problem to fix. Since […]

7 May, 2021

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The hot phrase today is “systemic racism” which, according to the Judeo-Left, is found everywhere: in the schools, in the workplaces, on the TV, in your church, even in your pantry behind the oatmeal (better check that. White racism could be lurking there! OMG!). Do a web search. The phrase “systemic racism” delivers over 10 […]

4 May, 2021

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From the web: “So when people say, “white people are racist”, I ask them to name a neighborhood a black man would be in danger in. They don’t have one. Then I could quickly point out huge segments of Chicago white people can’t go in.” Yes. The truth is, Blacks are much more racist than […]

25 March, 2021

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Two things: 1. The universal buzzword used to be “equality,” but now it’s been changed to “equity” — why the change? A news quote: “On many occasions, Thomas has pointed out that equity is different than equality. Equity may require more than equal to make up for past inequity.” Ahhhh! That’s it! There’s the reason […]

13 March, 2021

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Here’s a new-to-me word: “heteropatriarchy” (from Feminist Theory 101): apparently that means “the people who created the Western world are actually running the Western world — how dare they!”) [1]. “California has struggled for five years to create a politically palatable “ethnic studies” curriculum that would teach high schoolers how systemic racism, predatory capitalism, heteropatriarchy […]