8 April, 2022

Peterson Once Again (on Racism)

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Interesting. A Black (mulatto?) guy saying “White racism: what’s the big deal?” That’s correct. No big deal.

Blacks in general fail to realize that, by obsessing over nearly-gone “White racism” they are actually making White people dislike them even more. If Blacks would just shut up about racism-racism-racism, that would lessen “White racism.”

As for “all Whites being racist,” all Whites no doubt have “a few racist bones in their bodies” and that’s totally normal. That’s ingrained. It’s a natural reaction to “the Other.” The outsider. Blacks are outsiders.

(Fact: I’ve been victimized twice by non-Whites. Assaulted, and threatened with assault [with weapons]. But I’ve never victimized any non-White. So, who are the “good people” and who aren’t?).

[Video; 5 minutes].

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