15 June, 2021

Anti-White Hate and White Ethnomasochism at the Opera

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

One take-away from this article: America’s universities must be completely defunded until they stop pushing/supporting leftist and Marxist propaganda and return to educating young people.

“Given the obsession with “systemic White racism,” it’s not at all surprising that enterprising non-Whites can make a career out of their supposed oppression. A very lucrative career in many cases.

A big problem for those intent on displacing White culture is the world of classical music.”

Indeed. Classical music is a White thing. When darkies attempt to write/play classical music, it’s just silly, like a grizzly bear on roller skates. It doesn’t work. Classical music is all about subtlety and nuance, and darkies don’t do subtlety and nuance. They only do crash, bang and wham, and the occasional “muddafucka!”


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