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5 May, 2021

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Queers: they have more rights and higher status than you do. Cultural Marxism (CM) is trying to claim another victim: it seems that a White lady said some “bad-think” against homos [1]. Apparently, it’s a crime to insult fags in Finland. CM is even more dangerous than regular Marxism because it requires no guns or […]

4 May, 2021

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“When justice no longer involves the neutral or equal application of the laws, it ceases to be justice. I realize, of course, that there will be no FBI reform under Biden. Therefore, I strongly urge the Republican Party to make the abolition of the FBI—shutting down the agency and then reconstructing it from the ground […]

6 April, 2021

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“Social justice” activism is dangerous in many ways. For example, it will endanger lives by giving “social justice” priority over everything else in the health-care field: “The curriculum of my institution is to be changed to prioritize “social justice” over all else; indeed, we have been told that we need to de-emphasize actual scholarship, the […]

26 February, 2021

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(Once an abnormal, undesirable trait, homosexuality is now hip and trendy! But since homosexuals cannot reproduce, that’s great proof that homosexuality is a biological mistake, a genetic quirk that nature didn’t intend to happen). Liberal #1: “I’m gay! I told my wife last night!” Liberal #2: “So am I! I came out last month!” Liberal […]

26 February, 2021

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(Above: Jewish Marxist Eugene Kamenka). Now, toys are gender-free. Why? And what’s next? G.I. Joe will be renamed to simply “G.I.” (government issue)?? Why can’t toys mirror humans? We are becoming a society where race, sex, and creed do not exist. Where all humans are “equal.” In other words: we are heading towards communism [1]. […]

19 February, 2021

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Wonderful! So, Poland went from being enslaved by Jewish communism to being enslaved by Jewish big tech. How ironic. All roads lead back to the Jews [1]. (Hungary is now suffering the same things that Poland is, because those two countries are the last White, conservative countries remaining in Europe. Those two countries have been […]

15 February, 2021

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(Above: Herbert Marcuse circa 1978). Wife: “Honey, are we driving in circles?” Husband: “Uhhh…you know…I think we are. We keep ending up on Jew Street.” Well, well. The godfather of “wokeness” is the godfather of the New Left, Herbert Marcuse! He was the Jew who “birthed” the New Left circa 1964 with his groovy book […]

18 September, 2020

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(Above: the Appalachia region). The Western world is White. It was founded by White people. So, even if Whites in America do have “White privilege,” what’s the point of mentioning it? That’s like saying “Black people in the Congo, or in Kenya, or in Nigeria, have Black privilege.” No doubt they do have Black privilege, […]

8 September, 2020

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Here: [List].

3 September, 2020

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Fact: a disproportionate number of antifa thugs are trannies (“transgender” people). I recall seeing a TV talk show a few years ago. There was a tranny (“male-to-female”) on the show, along with a conservative man who questioned the validity of trannyism. In response to that questioning, the tranny actually threatened the conservative man with physical […]