13 April, 2022

America: the Next 20 Years

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It’s clear that the federal government is running America off a cliff. Look around: is there anything in America that isn’t broken or corrupted? We’ve got tranny men competing (and winning) in women’s sports, for god’s sake! [1]. Our southern border is wide open (how many terrorists have snuck into America via that border on “Biden’s” watch? Nobody knows, of course!). Our congress is full of “woke” idiots who hate normal White people and Russia because Big Jew told them to.

If America is going to survive, the individual states must lead her “out of the woods” and “back to normal.” America was designed so that the states and the federal government share power, aka, “federalism” [2][3]. But currently, there isn’t much “sharing” going on. Almost everything is federal now. (I saw a video on the TV news a few years ago of a fire at a small, local store. Strangely, there were BATF agents there. It seems that they were there because the store sold alcohol! So, what would have been a local [city] issue was a federal issue. Especially since 9/11/2001, nearly everything is federal, not local).

America must decide whether it’s going to be a socialist, globalist, “woke” monstrosity full of trannies and other idiots, or whether it’s going to return to sanity. Again, the states must lead the way.

News headline: “Fifteen states urge Biden administration to keep ‘gender identity’ out of Title IX overhaul”

Quoting the article: “Fifteen GOP state attorneys general urged the Education Department to abandon its plan to redefine biological sex to include gender identity under Title IX, the federal civil rights statute governing gender equality in education, warning that they would take legal action to protect state laws on parental rights in the classroom and in interscholastic sports.”



[1] this is Gender Marxism/Sexual Marxism. Other forms of Marxism today are: Race Marxism (Critical Race Theory), Knowledge Marxism (Critical Education Theory/Critical Pedagogy), Language Marxism (Postmodernism), Ability Marxism and yes, even Food Marxism and Fat Marxism (“being fat is good and healthy!” “Don’t you dare call it ‘obesity’ you weightist fascist!”). It’s all Marxism (Cultural Marxism), it’s just repackaged in various ways. Updated for 2022! The freaks inverting/upending the Western world while the normals just stand around watching it happen! That’s what normals do. They just watch.

[2] The 10th Amendment says: “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

[3] Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution lists 18 things that the federal government can do. That’s all. But the federal government has gone far beyond those 18 things. Some of those things are:

— Levy taxes and other fees
— Use collected monies to fund US debts (e.g., Defense)
— Borrow money or seek credit on behalf of the US
— Regulate commerce, both domestic and international
— Establish and enforce rules for Naturalization and bankruptcy
— Create and regulate currencies, fixing their value within the US
— Enforce punishments for counterfeiting of securities, including coinage
— Create and maintain postal offices, as well as postal roads
— Grant or enforce private patents and copyrights
— Establish courts inferior to the Supreme Court (e.g., Courts of Appeals)
— Punish piracy and other maritime transgressions
— Declare war and define rules for capture during wartime (note that it says “declare war” and not “decide to wage a half-baked war in Vietnam simply because we feel like it”)

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