21 March, 2022

Uh-Oh: Trouble in the Ranks of The Other

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Oh, dear: sometimes a woman isn’t a woman after all! What a scandal! (Which is exactly what the Left wants: endless conflict. This destabilizes White society. A leftist maxim: “there must always be tension and conflict in society.” That of course takes a page from Karl Marx himself: change via constant conflict. In other words, the Left doesn’t want you to have peace, White man! The Left wants you to have an ulcer by the time you’re 30!).

When you’re a White male, everything’s gravy. As it should be. But when you’re not a White male (i.e., when you’re The Other), well, things can get complicated [1].

News quote: “A festival meant to showcase the experiences of women is being criticized for headlining a transgender composer, and the organizers of the festival responded by accusing their critics of transphobia.”



[1] “The Other” means “anyone who isn’t a White male”

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