18 March, 2022

White Philosophy for Newbies: Why the Coalition of the Fringes on the Left?

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I frequently focus on newbies, since oldbies already know. I learned that from Dr. William Pierce, who always posed things in a way in which the newbie could easily grasp them. (A great example of that is Pierce’s ADV broadcast/essay “How It Fits Together” which is a must-read).

Recall about two weeks ago, when I quoted Dr. Jordan Peterson as saying that it was stupid of the American Left to abandon its political base of the White, blue-collar, working class and instead embrace “The Other” (i.e., Blacks, Browns, Jews, women, queers, etc., i.e., “identity politics people”) [1]. (That White, blue-collar political base was surprisingly diverse: it contained centrists, populists, leftists and even some rightists. But that base is long gone: as the Democrats moved more and more left-ward, it vanished).

There was a logical reason for the Left’s “embracing of The Other” and — in my opinion — this is the reason.

The Old Left (circa 1935) focused mostly on class and labor issues. Labor unions and so forth. It didn’t focus much on social issues like race, sexism, feminism, etc.

The New Left, however, was a different breed of cat. It was more radical and it contained more Jewish intellectuals. Indeed, the New Left is often called “the Judeo-Left” and its godfather is the Jewish intellectual Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979). (The New Left is a “Jewish construct,” beginning primarily with the Frankfurt School at Columbia University in New York City, until it emerged full-bloom from the universities circa 1964. Other notable Jews in the New Left included Claude Levi-Strauss, Max Horkheimer, Paul Krassner, Jerry Rubin, Abby Hoffman, Herbert Aptheker and various leaders of Students for a Democratic Society [SDS]).

Jews are naturally paranoid people. Could the Jews really count on the Left’s White, blue-collar base when the chips were down? How did the Jews know that the blue-collar Whites wouldn’t suddenly embrace White nationalism at the worst possible time (for example, during a war or an economic collapse)? The answer, of course, was that the Jews had no guarantees that that wouldn’t happen. The Whites could have, in theory, turned on the Jews at any moment by embracing White nationalism and anti-Semitism under the leadership of a “Hitler-type/Coughlin-type” figure.

So, the Jews avoided that potential problem by having the Left abandon its White, working-class base and instead embrace “The Other,” which created a “coalition of the fringe groups.” It’s a much “safer” setup for the Jews. (Adding to that, the “coalition setup” also capitalized on the 1960s civil-rights movement. Suddenly, Blacks, Browns and women had more political power and more money to donate to political causes, too) [2].


[1] the “American Left” means not only the Democratic Party, but other groups who tailor their political messages to certain people — to women for example.

[2] Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 “prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin” (this is known as “Affirmative Action” and it’s illegal, but somehow it’s never called “illegal”).

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