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27 September, 2006

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By Robert Ericsson I. Introduction In 2005, a group called the “Beyond Diversity Resource Center” ( released a study which ranked all 50 states in terms of their “diversity”. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau for the year 2000, the study assigned a numerical score to each state. This number was intended to quantify […]

13 September, 2006

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The Tomes Reply to the Times report — By John Bayldon

13 September, 2006

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30 August, 2006

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Organizing a lobby (CAIR) to contest the jews? If its effective, it’s anti-semitic. If they can frame you out of the game, you can’t win. Being called “anti-semitic” is a sign that you just might be headed in the right direction.

8 August, 2006

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Straight from the no-shit file… Teens start having sex sooner if their preferred music has sexually degrading lyrics, a small study of young teenagers suggests,2933,207462,00.html

15 July, 2006

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Noo Yawk niggaz be spreadin their ‘gift’ among adventure seekin homoz Approximately 1 in 70 New Yorkers is infected with HIV, but the proportion of people in different groups who are infected varies widely: * 1 in 40 African Americans. * 1 in 25 men living in Manhattan. * 1 in 12 black men […]

28 April, 2006

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[Jew apologists respond to Mearsheimer & Walt study in The New Republic. Remember: when a jew speaks, you must assume the opposite of what it says is the truth, until proven otherwise. If lying is “good for jews,” jews lie. If the truth were in jews’ favor, they wouldn’t need to control the media.] THE […]

24 April, 2006

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[This is about as pure an example as you’ll find. No similar story would be written about the NBA bemoaning the absence of Whites; if anything, it would be written to make a point of Eastern Europeans pushing out niggers.] Baseball rates C+ in diversity BY TRAVIS REED Associated Press ORLANDO, Fla. — The percentage […]

17 April, 2006

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[Smearing and lying are not last resorts for Israel supporters, they are first resorts.] According the Mearsheimer and Walt paper, when 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean called for the United States to take a more “even-handed roleâ€? in the Arab-Israeli conflict, Senator Joseph Liberman accused him of selling Israel down the river and said his […]

5 April, 2006

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[Good illustration of the lack of difference between TNB and TWS, NYT, or any other Establishment publication. They’re run by jews, for jews, and anyone who contravenes the jewish agenda gets hammered. Jews claim they’re not a monolith, but their actions say otherwise.] SURVEYING THE ISRAEL LOBBY. Oil and Vinegar by Martin Peretz Post date […]