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22 November, 2014

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Why? Here’s a good guess: there are too many comments about Jews and Blacks. [Article].

14 February, 2012

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For 40 years, the conservative movement thought that it could “nice its way to success” by not attacking Jews but instead attacking “liberals” and “leftists,” even though the Left was built and run mostly by Jews. The result of that politeness campaign? By 1985 Jews had gained control of most of America, including the conservative […]

9 August, 2011

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‘Fjordman’ was apparently cited over 100 times in Breivik’s manifesto. Like many of you, I’ve read Fjordman’s writings, but I never saw him blame the Jews for the West’s troubles. If you’re not naming the Jew, you’re just playing patty-cake. [Article].

18 March, 2009

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by Arch Stanton. The Chinese have a rather cruel punishment called “death by a thousand cuts.”  I’ll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say this is the number of incisions inflicted on the victim. The incisions in themselves are not deep enough to be fatal, but they are quite painful and the end […]

28 October, 2007

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Brown was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and had a distinguished military career: [Article].

28 September, 2007

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The infamous Nixon-Graham conversation appeared in 2002 [1]. Now, more Nixon comments about Jews have surfaced. Of note is how Nixon – despite his feelings about Jews – “saved” Israel during the 1973 Middle East war with a U.S. airlift of material aid to the Jewish state [2][3]: [Article]. [1] the Nixon-Graham comments: [Here] [2] […]

28 August, 2007

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Why investigate free speech? [Article] More: [Here]

17 April, 2006

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[Smearing and lying are not last resorts for Israel supporters, they are first resorts.] According the Mearsheimer and Walt paper, when 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean called for the United States to take a more “even-handed roleâ€? in the Arab-Israeli conflict, Senator Joseph Liberman accused him of selling Israel down the river and said his […]

29 March, 2006

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[The Germans speak the truth, and the jews call it hate. If you haven’t been denounced by the judeofascists as a hater, white man, perhaps you’re not trying hard enough. The jews claim it is ludicrous to speak of their genociding the Palestinians, yet it is the tacit goal of appeaser-cons to prepare the ground […]

27 March, 2006

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Name that Jew! by Edgar J. Steele And now – live from the Tower of Hate, in beautiful downtown Sagle, Idaho, once again, it is time for Name that Jew! (applause) [ES]  Thank you and good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.  My name is Edgar J. Steele and welcome to another edition of America’s fastest-growing radio […]