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28 February, 2016

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…Hitler was a reptilian space alien who had both a vagina and a micro-penis…yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah…and Mussolini wasn’t human either, but was an ape (he had special surgery to make himself look human)…yeah, sure, whatever… [Article].

28 December, 2008

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“A Straight Look at the Third Reich” by Austin J. App, 1974: [Book].

23 September, 2008

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by Bradley R. Smith. (Some more trivia for newbies: people who believe in the Holocaust’s “6 million Jews” number are literally believing Jewish communist propaganda. The first time the “6 million” number appeared as “fact” in news media during World War II was when Jewish/Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg announced it on December 22, 1944 in […]

15 May, 2008

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[Readers: going through mailbox after weeks of ill health. Came across this very interesting letter.] Alex, I wanted to alert you to an extremely important development occuring in Austin, Texas. In brief, one week ago, the body of Riad Hamad was found floating in Lady Bird Lake (a prominent, very active, local lake adjacent to […]

16 November, 2007

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It makes no difference who supports Ron Paul, since he’s a populist who is supported by people of every political stripe. It’s a non-issue that’s being used by certain people to discredit him: [Article].

10 January, 2007

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Hysterical jew insists that Carter is bought. Of course, when Carter and we point to the purchasers of Congress, we’re anti-semites. Having everything both ways is pretty much the essence of judaism, a religio-racial scam.

3 January, 2007

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20 minute Address to the Teheran Conference December 12, 2006 by Lady Michèle Renouf, London, U.K. on the Psychology of “Holocaustianity”

29 November, 2006

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Nice, long interview with German writer whose books don’t make it into English. He discusses the dirty deeds of the international criminal clique headquartered in Kikistan. The Assassination of Rafik Hariri: A Biased Investigation by Silvia Cattori A former criminal investigator of the GDR, who became a journalist after the reunification of Germany, Jürgen Cain […]

24 August, 2006

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The Ghost of Ezra Pound … tells the tale of a gang of cutthroats killing and robbing across space and time

17 July, 2006

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There’s the Big Lie, and then there’s the Really Big Lie Curt Maynard There’s the “Big Lie,â€? everyone has heard of it, you know the one, the one where Hitler allegedly advocated propagandizing a lie so huge, so preposterous, that nobody would believe it to be a lie – rather they would assume it to […]