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1 May, 2014

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It looks like Israel comes first, eh, Rand? By the way, how does Israel have a “right to exist”? No country has such a right. Countries come and go. For example, Yugoslavia no longer exists. [Article].

30 October, 2008

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These Are Not The Jews You’re Looking For by Max Hadden There has been so much chaos going on in the world since I wrote my last article that I scarcely know where to begin. I don’t think anyone half-awake still believes that there are “experts” in either the mass media or the government concerning […]

27 April, 2008

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It’s too early to tell who will be speaking at this rally besides Paul, but it could be a good opportunity for speakers to address certain issues, such as: Israel and American foreign policy; the true nature of America’s money system; the media and who dominates it, and so forth: [Website].

1 March, 2008

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by Ron Paul: [Here].

31 January, 2008

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The book will be released April 30, 2008: [Here].

19 January, 2008

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This will energize his supporters and help to establish him as a serious candidate in the minds of mainstream Americans: [Caucuses results].

9 January, 2008

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by David Duke: [Here].

8 January, 2008

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What are the odds: on the day of the important New Hampshire primary, two unflattering articles about Paul are published, one written by a “gay” Jew (Kirchick) and one written by a presumed Jew (Koffler)? [1][2][3]. Okay, Paul could have done better in this primary. But don’t forget: a) several Republicans will quit the presidential […]

5 January, 2008

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Paul did okay in the Iowa caucuses, but expect him to get more support in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. That state has more independent voters than Iowa does: [Article]. More about New Hampshire, Paul and the Fox News debate, which Paul will apparently not appear in: [Here].

29 December, 2007

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[Article]. Read more about/discuss the topic: [Here].