29 December, 2007

“Has Fox News Excluded Ron Paul?”

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  • 7 Responses to ““Has Fox News Excluded Ron Paul?””

    1. BillinOk Says:

      Ron Paul if any thing is showing how corupt America is!

    2. Ceallachain Says:

      Need any more proof of how disgustingly fixed the American political system is? Jews want Queen Hillary and Ghouliani to be the nominations for each party. Want to guess which two candidates will win out? (Unless of course the jews change their minds.)

      The Republican candidate who raised the most money, has the most energized followers and has the best chance of filtering Democratic votes away from Hillary can’t even get an invite to the debates?!?!

      AmexiKwa is one disturbing, jew-corrupted bizarro world.

    3. BillinOk Says:

      Well in my opinion the fix is in the Jews have control of all the candidates except Ron Paul

    4. abe foxman Says:

      Why on earth worry what Fox does or any other commercial news outlet for that matter. People only wake up when they are removed from the drip feed to stupidity, apathy and irrelevance that outlets such as this provide.
      Sensible people DON’T subscribe to these immoral and lying misfit institutes that cater to Jewish control. Those that do don’t deserve any pity or consideration.

    5. John Says:

      What else could we have expected? The Jews who run FOX dont want Americans to wake up from their slumber.

      The Republicunt party and all the ‘right wing’ ‘conservative’ talk show/radio hacks like O’Reilly and Hannity would rather have Hillary win than Ron Paul. These people are pure scum.

    6. Ultimate White Warrior Says:

      “Murdoch only a quarter Jew” LOL! He’s a Jew by Israel’s Law of Return. That means he’s a fucking Jew.

      In other news, the entire lot of you are beyond laughable: For the Nineteen Thousandth day in a row we have written our monthly checks to our sworn genocidal enemies – and they have used that money/capital/power to repress us! How can that be? It’s just SO unfair! Why are our genocidal killers treating us unfairly? It doesn’t make sense – we give resources to the people who’ve come to harm us, and they use those resources to harm us. Don’t they know we’re Elite Aryan Schutzstaffel Debaters, the meanest motherfuckers in the rathskeller?

      Oh, I keep scanning the skies, waiting for Dear Uncle Adolf to save us.

      You all are too fucking stupid to live. Will you all please contact a travel agent and self-deport to the nearest Arctic Death Camp?

      I myself, being Italian, can pass for a member of the winning team, so I plan to convert. Hava Nagila, y’all!

    7. ein Says:

      “Have “we?” Your weird tone makes you sound like a nigger. Must be Sicilian Italian.”

      No. Not quite. A Yiddish-speaking Sicilian Italian? I don’t think so. But too articulate and flippant for a schwartze. And how many niggers are familiar with Israel’s Law of Return?